May California’s Marijuana save the day?

marijuanaMay California’s Marijuana save the day?


The state of California is in a serious recession that is expected to last until the third quarter.  I understand times are hard for most everyone but few states have it as bad as California the home of Hollywood and many stars to include the infamous Jackson Family.  It got so bad that they are considering paying state employees with IOU’s making cuts on the elderly and disabled and handing out IOU for food stamps.  The state is in need of a new source of money and perhaps the solution is very simple.


California allows people to grow marijuana for municipal purposes and made the possession of it a misdemeanor as the crop are worth tens of billions of dollars as it is becoming harder to transport marijuana across the Mexican border.  Personally I am against the legalization of Marijuana at the moment and time nationwide, because I feel the same people who have the alcohol licenses will end up with weed licenses due to unfair background checks; making the people who need the money the consumers of the product.  However I see a middle ground, I think California should go a step further and legalize Marijuana in the state of California and be the only state in the union with such laws, thereby taxing the crop and its exploitation into other states that will keep marijuana as a misdemeanor  on the books nationwide.


The way the operation would work is that there will be marijuana parlors in California that will tax all sales, with the maximum purchases of about 5 kilos per month for licensed buyers who can resale in the state of California legally  whereby one of the requirements would be citizenship in the state of California for at least 5 years.  Now people from other states would purchase from these venders (Middlemen) legally in California and be taxed and new revenues would hit the  California system, actually billions of dollars at a 50% tax bracket and California would be the main distributer nationwide for Marijuana and as fast as the system is setup the money would start to come it.  I think President Obama should allow California to be the only state in the union to legalize Marijuana completely for national security purposes.  We would therefore have to cut of the Mexican border off and for those who want to take the risk they will transport outside of California, but origin of sale will be in California taxed by the Federal, State and Local government.  It would bring immediate relief to the California economy.

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