Janet’s Promotional Deal with Sony

studio-dog-crop-icon1Janet’s Promotional Deal with Sony


Sony is betting on helping Janet make her next big hit.  The Queen of Pop Janet Jackson is in negotiations with the Sony Media Division, to promote Sony’s Acid Pro 7 Professional Music Creation Program and Sound Forge 9.  She even plans to use these programs on a couple of her songs in her next new release. These are professional software applications that are great additions to any home studio.  Part of the deal is Janet will make a Sony Loop Collection, which is what the program runs off of as well as VSTi, VST and DXI.  Sony Acid Pro 7 is a recording studio and supports Virtual Studio technology Instruments (VSTi) and Rewire programs like Reason 4. 


Sound Forge 9 is an excellent editing/mastering software application and together an artist has the foundation to a quality Home Studio.  This is a part of a major campaign by Sony to promote their audio programs, using artists signed and unsigned to their record label.  There are rumors that Michael Jackson might also release some sounds and loops out of his huge collection of hits by various artist such as the Beatles. Sly Stone and himself


Sony Acid is a pioneer in DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) Technology is probably the best program for Wave and Acid files, but now they are under stiff competition with applications such as Cubase, Live, Audition, Sonar and Reason which can be used as a slave along side with Acid.  Personally I used most of the programs above and found Sony Acid Pro7a as a host and Reason 4.0.1 as slave to be a great and easy to use combination for music creation in Rewire Mode.  I think Sony is underestimated because of its generous price.



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