Realistically reachable is true change

obama-official-photoRealistically reachable is true change


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 5 February 2009


You will be torn between the future and the past this year. Each has its attractions but, ultimately, you can only ever move forward, you can never move back, so forget about what was and what might have been – it’s what will be that must inspire you.

There will always be people who say you cannot do this and you cannot do that and they will be out in force today, but you don’t have to listen to them, still less act on what they tell you. Self-belief will conquer all doubts, be they your own or other people’s.

It is hard to let go of the past when it is thrown in your face everyday. Is the past the past or is this ongoing until this day?  As for the past I am intentionally constantly reminded.  I do not think I have to elaborate on this, we all know what is posted on the websites.  It is Janet (Jackson) who is holding on the past and not me and the sad things is so much of it is false.  What gets me is the stuff she is putting me through after her past selections of men.  I mean she falsely married an illegal emigrant with a false ID. She still does not know who he is!  But she has to be sure about me?

To be honest all of this procrastination is getting monotonous, what we are waiting for I do not understand anymore.  It is like I make proposals and suggestions to deaf ears, nothing is carried out.  What we are waiting for beats me.  You ran on a change ticket, but nothing is new, I expected the unconventional to be conventional.  I mean why tax cigarettes again, while we have billions in Marijuana being used and home grown?  I told you’ll legalize casino gambling in New York City so my can be funneled back into the system but instead you cut checks on the tax payers backs.  This is not change it is the same old thinking more taxes on the same items.  We have to introduce new products to the broken economy to persuade consumers to spend.  If nothing else legalize Marijuana, not for me because I do not smoke weed do it for the tax payers, it is a product in demand that is cheap to produce and can be mostly priced based on taxes as is tobacco.   And the stuff has been harvest in California already, it is plentiful..

Hell, call it the Embryonic Stem Cell Funding Act and use the proceeds to fund stem cell research or at least a portion of the proceeds.  Convince Americans you are not trying to harm people but is doing it for the greater good that will eventually create a life span of 150 years.  President Kennedy I believe had a vision of reaching the moon and we did several years later and gave American something to look forward to.  Have us look forward to the day whereby we will live at the average of 150 years.  America needs a new vision.  A new vision that is realistically reachable is true change.  Come on Mr. President sell me a dream like a beach in desert and then prove the critic wrong by making it happen with the way ways act!  Maybe you cannot offer eternal life, but 150 years?  Come on man get on the ball and swing the wand.




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