Janet Jackson Exclusive Report

250px-janet_jackson_rock_with_you1Janet Jackson Exclusive Report 


Everyone is wondering what is up with Janet Jackson.  Is she pregnant?  Is she still with Jermaine Dupri? Does she have a record deal?  I mean just what in the hell is up with Janet, well I got the exclusive tip straight from her this morning and I am at liberty to tell you enough to make you almost as informed as I am.


Janet has a new record deal and is currently cooling out in London working on the finishing touches of her new album to drop in the summer of 2009.  Her tour is not over or should we say she is not finish touring because the promotion of Discipline is dead, because there will be a new album to promote.  Well this is unclear because she described the tour as the second leg of Rock Wit Chu to commence in Amsterdam as rehearsals will begin in June.


Her words describing the new project are these, “It’s a big step for me and very different from my past projects.  I’ve been working with different producers and the album plays different genres of music.  Neyo produced a few of the songs and I also worked with Timberland for this project.”


Is she pregnant?  It does not sound like it!  What about Jermaine?  I have to wonder for reasons undisclosed!  But let us wish Janet the best of luck on this one and hope she learned from her mistakes.  She can start by changing the name of the tour to promote the new album and please take your time this time around; you will not be allowed any excuses for bad music this time.  All we want is good music from you!




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  1. Well I wish her the best of luck on a new project. I love everything she does.Feedback wasn’t all that bad.
    On the baby subject aren’t women suppose to have babies. I wish I was Jermaine. Why did she get with a guy that has the same name as her brother. He must be her favorite, he did produce some music back in the day, that was the 70’s. Well she probably will bounce back if she can focus on her own music instead of making all of the 1 hit wonders out there NOW. I guess every body can’t be worth150bigracks. It’s more like infinity when it comes to my loyality she is an amasing (black) women, kinda a remind me of Rosa Parks, Tammi Tarell, and Marilyn Monroe. O.K. I think I’ve said enough, huh. Much love to her and her future indeveres(did I spell that right).

  2. Future endeavors? Who cares you got your point across. Women should have children? Maybe she has two already, I promised her I would not write controversial stuff, because her fans has gone ballistic on me hating and stuff. The question is what she is going to sing about this time, her best material was about where she was at in life at the time. Oh, the word is Jermaine Dupri is history “If” he really ever was! Is that the name of the song?

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