Janet Jackson’s new Album May have 4 Bonus SACD Tracks

studioc1Janet Jackson’s new Album May have 4 Bonus SACD Tracks



 Super Audio Compact Disc – SACD


Media type

Optical disc


Digital (DSD)


up to 7.95 GiB/GB

Read mechanism

650 nm laser

Developed by

Sony & Philips


Audio storage


Developed by Sony and Philips Electronics the same companies that developed the CD was in a war with DVD audio, but until now neither replaced the CD.  Janet Jackson is in negotiation for sponsorship by Sony and Philips electronics to help promote the better sound and piracy protected format.  This would be a new concept and exciting to music and the first in R&B.  The mixing processes for SACD are more precise and will take a seasoned producer and not just a beat maker and for this reason extra costs are incurred.  And being the demand for SACD Players are not wide spread this will require sponsorship to promote the new sound in hopes of creating future demand.  The bonus tracks will probably be included in Audio CD format as well, the purpose is to allow people to hear the difference in the sound to compare SACD to CD.



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  1. Are you serious? when is your mind razzeling stopping.

    • It is on the table and would require a sponsor to promote the new technology.

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