Open Letter Janet Jackson’s Negotiations

imag01952To: Mark Mays & Michael Rapino

From: Frank Paul Gambino

RE: Open Letter Janet Jackson’s Negotiations

Date: 7 February 2009


To: Janet – Some basic Necessities


#1: Home Studio fully equipped DAW to record SACD Quality

#2: Sign your brothers and try to get Michael and Alicia

#3: Buy at least 1,000 Beats & hire people into poetry as writers

#4: Think about the location of the studio and office

#5: Tour Support and Sponsorship for technology experimentation and charitable tours such as the USO

#6: Let Jermaine Dupri go his separate ways to Sony or whatever he is the problem.

#7: Option to hire full time band to work on studio and tour music

#8: Major Distribution or recorded works

#9: Clear Channel Communications commitment to airplay


To: Live Nation – So what if we fall short let these conditions be the starting point to Janet ongoing negotiation for a record label.

Janet’s Live Nation Contract Negotiations Still on Table

We start here and it can end here as well.  All we need lawyers for is to write out these negotiations into a contract.  To do this the four entities have to settle on timing these events.

Janet gets $100 Million in a 5 year deal that is extendable to 7 years, which provides for maternal leave in case of pregnancies.  The contract will include 3 CD’s, 3 Movies roles, a 6 months show at a Casino to be named and two world tours.  I do not know the specifics of Madonna and Jay Z’s contracts but this is fair deal and can go under auspicious aspect of the Live Nation relationship and therefore be a Live Nation contract.  I want this cleared ASAP


Clear Channel Communications:  $10 Million will give up some publishing


You will insure we get radio airplay.  We will give up some of the publishing rights to the albums done on Warner Music Group.


Live Nation: $40 Million for three engagements


You handle tour promotions and productions.  We will spend about 1 ½ years on the road over a 4 to 6 year period & 6 months in the Casino working about 3 days a week.  You cover the expenses for personnel in conjunction with the USO and the Military via approval of the Pentagon.


Paramount Pictures: $25 Million + more Based on Movies performances.


I want three movie roles, each leading a bigger role and the last role will be the making point to a new contract.  We will select our roles and there will be no sex scenes.  We want that crime drama superhero type of stuff.



Warner Music Group: $25 Million + more Based on album performances and Record label.


You get 3 SACD’s over 6 years.  We will record the albums out of our home studio that will be provided by you.  We will be able to sign a few artists to her label.   The music will be self produced.



Tour Insurance & Contract Negotiations


Contact these people Marsh Insurance Brokers.  I want basically all the necessary insurance policies that will be covered by Live Nation.  I addition Live Nation will cover the premium to insure ticket sales, meaning if we sale a certain amount of tickets for a show, which will hopefully be a sellout in almost every case through good marketing practices, we are insuring they will perform the show or do the show on a later date, postpone the show or replace the show with another show at a later date.


The insurance policy is based on a breakeven point and an expected profit margin and a net profit gain to be negotiated in advance.  Once we meet a certain agreed ticket sales level we sign the pre-negotiated contract. 


Make sure when scheduling the shows you leave some lead way to make up shows, I want actual dates like they do in baseball for rainouts to be able to makeup a missed show do to illness , transportation problems and so on.  When booking the shows remember we are dealing with a human being and not a machine, we have to have down time scheduled in to either rest at the moment in time or if rest is necessary we can perform on a scheduled rest day.


I want you to try to setup booking with makeup dates in mind if possible.  In other words say we book on the October 22nd and we are free on the 23rd that could be a makeup date; however all shows will be indoors if possible.  I repeat if possible.  In return for this insurance policy paid for by Live Nation with Marsh Insurance Brokers we will give up a small percentage of our share of the agreed arrangements.  Be reasonable we are partners in this!


The agreement is this we sell the tickets we get the contract in advance of the end of the tour, so we can plan our future arrangements.  I did not plan on Janet doing MTV, but if that is what she wants so be it, it could become big, but my focus is not on an particular event other than this tour, we can schedule this in it can become big if done right.  Like I said as a springboard I want her to send out agents to represent her to weed out those who are simply not talented, then let her take the spotlight when it starts to get serious at MTV.  Before she actually recruits we get paid for name recognition and promised future appearances.  We can do a Janet review at the end of each show like they do in those Model shows even if she did not do the recruiting at the beginning of the shows events.


Here is a reminder of what I am talking about & I want the airplay by Clear Channel Communications to be part of the tour support as of yesterday:


Projected Schedule


World Tour: 2008 -2009 End by June 2009 to include USO Tour


Film first movie summer 2009


First SACD Release late 2009


Film second movie fall 2010


Second SACD Release late 2011


Casino Performance:  2011 – 2012 six months


Film third movie winter 2012


Third SACD Release Early 2013


World Tour: 2013 Summer thru fall





SACD Recordings are ongoing


Radio Airplay Ongoing






Frank Paul Gambino





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