Janet’s Black Doll Intellectual Property on the table

234007m1Janet’s Black Doll Intellectual Property on the table


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 9 February 2009


The cosmic message on your birthday is that you must get serious about your dreams and ambitions. The first step is to identify your priorities. The second step is to focus on them to the exclusion of all other things. Make no mistake, its make or break time.

It might take a bit of doing but you will need to persuade colleagues to help you out today. Your workload is such that if you try to get through it on your own you risk straining something, most likely your head. Don’t be too proud to ask for assistance.

At my end I have everything I personally need to carry out my part of the program, short of personnel and equipment for the personnel.  People are not going to get on the ship to fulfill my dreams if there is nothing in it for them as far as immediate gratification.  In other words you have to pay people if you expect them to be committed to a task that does not necessarily benefit them or at least they can see how it benefits them.

I requested that Janet and Alicia edit the Screenplay and integrate their lives into it, to be examined and presented to Live Nation as intellectual property under Black Doll and I can come up with 300 to 400 beats and numerous songs never heard by a large audience as intellectual property under Black Doll.  This can be done between my and my nephews Raymond and Dahaud. Now she has her siblings that can also contribute to the intellectual property of Black Doll.  Intellectual property is the value of a record company or entertainment production company.

I am just one person and at best can finish what I started, Janet already has my beats and songs and several drafts of the screenplay and I must have posted I do not even know how many articles to the web, over 2,000?  Many stories can be told base on these writings, and all of it should be considered intellectual property for Black Doll.

When I was in California in May 2008; I met with the Secret Service personally concerning my web sites, my information for them and Alicia I wanted her blood tested.  They promised me they would do what they could and to protect my web site and they were identified as my web sites therefore everything I wrote is copyrighted buy Federal Association with the Secret Service, now it is just a matter of formality with the Library of Congress to make my web site officially copyrighted.  I have the screenplays officially recognized by the Library of Congress already.  I know people thought I was stupid and was giving stuff away, but my information was hand delivered to the Secret Service for investigation in May 2008 and I was recognized as the author of my web sites thereafter.  So just from my contributions Janet has a lot of intellectual property to put on the table with Live Nation all I have been doing for the last 15 years was writing, now it is time to edit and market and perform it.


Remember once I am duly recognized that stuff will gain enormous value.  The task I will outsource today is to have my stuff recognized at the Library of Congress.  The Secret Service was gave all the codes to my web sites, so they are witnesses to the fact that I am the author and that is the secret behind my writing arrangements.  I own that stuff!




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