Janet must Take the Lead but be Reactive to Economic Trends

janet-dj-j1Janet must Take the Lead but be Reactive to Economic Trends


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 10 February 2009


Keep yourself well informed about what’s going on in the world at large because there will be opportunities to benefit from what you know later in the year. Trust your own judgment when it comes to finances and business matters. No one is more expert than you.

You are rapidly coming to the end of your personal solar year and when the Sun moves into your birth sign just over a week from now you will look back and wonder why on earth you worried so much. Now that you know that, why not stop worrying now?

I am glad you brought up this point and subject because I wanted to elaborate on this. If we get our way Janet will get a minimum of a 3 record deal as well as 3 movies.

Janet gets $100 Million in a 5 year deal that is extendable to 7 years, which provides for maternal leave in case of pregnancies.  The contract will include 3 CD’s, 3 Movies roles, a 6 months show at a Casino to be named and two world tours. 

Janet is supposed to release one album this summer, the economic forecast for this year from the words of our Honorable President Obama is not very good, but lots of growth is expected next year.  We have to plan these events around the economy; we do not want to keep making excuses about the economic crisis which is real.


Now we have Flyte Tyme onboard with Jam and Lewis who are seasoned veteran producers.  I think Janet should stick with the original plan and use various producers on the next album and use some unreleased and new material with about 18 songs and continue the tour and hope that people are willing to spend and have confidence in the economy.  I would add a forth album and a forth movie, due to current economic conditions to the contract.  I would have Jam and Lewis do the 4 SACD cuts, which means at least 4 songs on the album in CD audio as well and save the bulk of the material for the next album to be released towards the end of 2010 at which time she could do a casino bid and make an offer to do a 6 months stay. Hopefully by then we will have casinos in New York City.


Hopefully “why did I get married” can be filmed and released this year towards December or early to mid next year.  The new album and the continuation of the current tour should do well but not great and for this reason I would put out the Buzz that better material is being held back due to economic conditions and this one is a warm up towards something totally out of this world.  The second album should be a straight up hybrid SACD, with all the formats that come with it.  The sound will be out of this world and the electronics industry will be able to deliver a new product line called SACD Players to be standard on new Home Theaters that are 5.1 and better.  SACD and Blu Ray should be the new electronic packages on high end Home Theaters and Janet will promote these products.


I want Janet in as many commercials as possible now and not all for pay, as I told her do it for what Jermaine paid her for photo sessions plus a salary.  Do not just do it for money but for publicity and visibility.  We need to hire an economic team or economist to the management team of Janet Jackson or outsource this service, because it is a necessity.  We want to know where the money is going, how it will be used by the demographics and the demand of each section of the economy and get onboard to promoting these product lines.






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