The Stimulus Legislation Breakdown Hyperlink

imag01953The Stimulus Legislation Breakdown Hyperlink

Click above and do the math

Then read the truth


The stimulus package main focus is on education, job training, transportation and infrastructure.   Though the per capita spending is not huge the total amounts are huge and if you look at who will directly benefit from the stimulus package the package can it be life changing for many people?


I will give you an example we will use as an example California who will get about $8 Billion, the total per capita spending for example for job training is $13.82 which is enough to pay someone for one hour, but what is the total population?  The total package for job training is therefore 37,000,000 x $13.82, which is the multiplication of the total population by the total amount per capita. What is the current unemployment rate in California?  The unemployment rate as of December 2008 was 9.3 %.  You do the math! This is only a piece to the puzzle and not the whole answer.  The real stimulus package is in the minds of the American people.


Like President Obama said in so many words, America has to produce and not just import, code for American must buy American and trade fairly with foreign nations.  Trying to save a buck using cheap labor has left the nation without consumers.


Our economy thrives on spending, but the spending cannot be based on borrowed money for foreign nations and has to be based on a production process that in internally structured and that is the true infrastructure of the American Economy.  To truly grow the economy a dollar spent has to be based on at least a dollar and ten cents made through an internal production process.


America outsourced itself out of consumers and consumers save a dollar on products to place themselves on the unemployment line.  The only campaign that will turn this economy around is the old saying, “Buy American Goods,” made from Americans resources if possible and made by Americans and this will create American jobs. It is that simple, now are you ready for the truth?  What this has to do with Janet Jackson?  Black Doll and Live Nation are American Business, even in entertainment we have to buy American and trade dollar for dollar.  Support American Entertainment also.


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  1. You understand it but what we need are our jobs back; the only way to do that is tariffs, forcing people to buy American because the imports are too high!

    Other than having left that out, good piece!

  2. […] The Stimulus Breakdown Legislation Hyperlink: […]

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