Answer to the economic woes & the Celebrities role


Answer to the economic woes & the Celebrities role


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 11 February 2009


A Mars-Saturn aspect on your birthday will bring challenges to do with your wealth and your earning power over the coming 12 months, but it will also endow you with the energy and the ambition to turn those challenges into triumphs. You’re a winner.

You appear to believe that to win you must gamble, but that is asking for trouble. Saturn in your opposite sign of Virgo warns in no uncertain terms that you must steer clear of taking risks that are not absolutely necessary. So how many are necessary? None

First of all what does Ebony know about relationships:

Tabloid Love Affairs are Fake!


Chris Brown just beat down Rihanna and Janet dumped JD over management problems so they say.  Tabloid love affairs are for publicity.  Now that Janet left Def Jam and JD got fired, we will see just how much love is involved.  I mean really and not for record company publicity!  I use to respect Ebony as a real magazine it is merely another tabloid. Now the question is does Rihanna have ground for a civil suit against Christ Brown and her record company for putting her in this dangerous situation.  It is said they told her to date him for publicity even after they broke up some two weeks ago.


The economy:

I wrote a very important article about the economy and the only solution and in short; these are my instructions to America.  Buy American products and it will create jobs.  My are words to the President is he must create tariffs on imports to make American companies more competitive with cheap labor nations.  Please read this article by clicking this hyperlink and read the article and the comments because a reader brought it to my attention that I forgot the key to the solution which are tariffs.

The Stimulus Breakdown Legislation Hyperlink:

I do not gamble and why:

Let me tackle the idea that I think I must gamble; I do not gamble because I am programmed to lose, it was an agreement I made with John Gotti, that I did not just go to a casino and win a bunch of money to get me out of my rut.  We agreed was that it would have  been too easy for me to mind fuck the casino out of money.  As for the legalization of casinos these are administrative arrangements, the gamblers are the consumers and not the casino, all the games and machines are designed for the casino to come out ahead and after the cut is taken the residue is split by the customers.  Therefore whatever is needed by percentage it can be arranged to support the budget of New York City and New York State, it is a numbers operation and is really not a game because we already know the outcome.

The Legalization of marijuana is no gamble:


Again I do not use street drugs; I do not help sleeping as do all of my mother’s children my siblings.  But marijuana use is a matter of fact and is not going anywhere and is harmless compared to alcohol, tobacco and fire arms.  So why not add it to the Administration and tax it, it would pump billions of dollars into the tax revenues.  My only concern is how it is licensed to sell; it would not be fair to just give it to the same old people who have the liquor licenses based on background checks that are biased.


The Bottom line:


The bottom line is this today, add tariffs to imports to make them too expensive to not buy a American, legalize casinos in New York City making NYC the absolute tourist attraction and legalize marijuana and harvest the California crop and tax it and regulated it in the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, Fire arm and Marijuana.  That would be real change.


Also I mentioned that we should put the SACD on the market, this is move about creating new product lines.  We want people to buy but offer them nothing different but the same things computers and MP-3 players, we have to create new products and make the ones we sell last, you do not sell people stuff to break down or constantly upgrade them to keep people buying the same thing over and over and expect people to buy.  It is bad business and it is wrong.


That is why I want Janet as well as Michael Jackson to add SACD cuts on their albums to introduce the technology and I want technological experimentation sponsorship to introduce these technologies to the consumer. And I will go a step further, I own a DVD audio player built into my DVD player.  So why not build Blu Ray DVD that is a DVD Audio Player and a SACD Player to give the consumer all the options of playback.  There is enough music sold to be heard in all formats, being SACD, DVD Audio, CD, MP-3 and iPod.  Give people options and let the people decide what their personal standard is.  Also, I want P. Diddy and Michael to push for the legalization of casinos in New York City, this has to become news and not just my blog.  New Yorkers should be given a choice less health care or casinos.  These are the choices more taxes and less services or more product lines.




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