The Ebony Latest Gossip Winds

ebony-obamassm1The Ebony Latest Gossip Winds


Two strikes on the Ebony top 10 couples.  Chris Brown just beat down (Physically Assaulted) Rihanna and Janet dumped Jermaine Dupri over management problems so they say.  Tabloid love affairs are for publicity.  Now that Janet left Def Jam and JD got fired, we will see just how much love is involved.  I mean really and not for record company publicity!  I use to respect Ebony as a real magazine it is merely another tabloid. Now the question is does Rihanna have grounds for a civil suit against Christ Brown and her record company for putting her in this dangerous situation.  She just might have a huge pay day for the damages to her and her career and losses due to the assault.  It is said they told her to date him for publicity even after they broke up some two weeks ago.



I had to ask Janet what did Jermaine do to earn the honor, take her to a shoot out in Atlanta and vomit on her for his birthday and take a bunch of photos getting drunk, screwing up her tour.  Playing both sides against the middle with his negative blogs through his blogging network?  I could go on with this list from fake marriages to lust at first sight; I could have accepted this from Rolling Stone or the New York Post, but Ebony Magazine-Tabloid?  How do you even mention these dysfunctional relationships in the same Magazine as the Obama couple on the cover?  Is that all President Obama is to you is an entertainer?  You are an epitome of black people and the black community?  I use to think so, but not anymore.  Shame on Ebony!


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