A Very Important Document and Amendment

imag01955A Very Important Document and Amendment


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 12 February 2009


You’ve got talent. You’ve got ideals. You’ve got ambition. You’ve got, in short, everything it takes to make a success of your life, so stop worrying that your time has come and gone, because it hasn’t – you’ve got all the time in the world.

It may not be easy for you to look on the bright side today but it can be done. If the problems of the world are getting you down look ahead to when the Sun moves into your birth sign next week – that’s when you can make your contribution to solving them.

I plan to live at least 150 years and if we can accomplish that perhaps 150 more and so on.  I honestly think Paul Castellano will perform miracles with stem cells beyond man kind’s imagination.  I may not ever get my childhood back but was it all bad?  It may have taken almost an adult’s lifetime to accomplish my mission but shall I be an adult forever and ever and may my shell called a body be youthful and healthier then than it is now?  Not for a moment do I believe God has forsaken me and allowed me to endure this punishment to end in old age and fragile health.  That said!

I am about to send Janet something that is dear to me, it cannot be stolen because it only has value to us, it is my seal and I hereby request that you President Obama affix the seal of the President of the United States on it, when Janet presents it to you it will be clear why I request your seal and will resolve a lot of problems, the seal is in the blood of the lamb; I just want it duly recognized by the President of the United States.  Thank you for this in advance, for making this a governmentally official document.

I want to add this hyperlink and I request a State Senator be the author to this change in the New York State Constitution.

New York Needs to Amend the State’s Constitution:  [Article 1 Section 9]

CTRL + Click Link Above

My vision is to make New York City the entertainment Mecca of the United States and an even greater tourist attraction.  This is not about a criminal enterprise, but is about financial responsibilities and budgetary solutions.  You all have to trust me on this one.  I promised Alicia this great Casino presentation and I want it to happen in New York City.  I know this sounds like something out of the Godfather, but I want Michael Jackson to encourage his friends to perform at these casinos and I want Michael to get the leading role in the Apostle, which I think will be a major turning point in his career and image.  I am not going to make this letter too long or complex, we actually covered a mountain and if you read and interpret the hyperlink a damn college paper, so we will stop here today. 


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