Focused Janet Competes with Janet

janet-rock-wit-chu-posterFocused Janet Competes with Janet


The entertainment industry looks for people like Janet for ideas, they look at Janet and ask what do we do next, I think Janet answered the call but was a victim of mismanagement and bad economic times.  But we expect Janet to outdo Janet every time and that is impossible.  To say Janet is a done deal is like saying Microsoft is a done deal because they made a new operating system called Vista has not gained the immediate support of software and hardware manufactures.  In other words the drivers necessary to run programs are not up to par, so for many applications Vista is incompatible.  That does not make Vista a bad program now does it?


I mean we down Janet for her electro voice tools, meanwhile Auto-tune is the latest trend and concept in Hip Hop and R&B Music.  There are so many technological breakthroughs in music and entertainment and Janet is only one person though multi talented in the arts of song, dance and acting.  Let us look at all that is to be offered in these industries and decide if Janet will be able to find her notch.


Today we have the Home Studio DAW that can make high quality productions at a higher quality than 10 years ago at a fraction of the cost.  I believe seasoned producers like Jam and Lewis can take advantage of these technologies meaning the breakeven point is much lower.  What does this mean in dollars and cents, Janet can make more money selling less records today, so while people talk about her record sales she may well laugh all the way to the bank after the next production.  Then there is the behind the scenes production arrangements to promote new electronic products, the tour and we cannot forget the sequel to “why did I get married.”  Which by the way debuted at number one and sold over $50 Million at the box office not to mention DVD sales? Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis and Tyler Perry are no jokes and they all want to work with her now.  And we cannot forget Live Nation they are no joking matter.


Janet is only a victim of not taking many photos with Jermaine Dupri lately who has a powerful blog network emplaced and is concentrating on her next moves instead of senseless parties.  Janet competes with Janet and if you put her up against people of her own status and track record.  Janet will do fine, but we want to compare her to whoever is hot at the moment and how do you compete with that other than always outdo yourself?  Get real!  There will always be a place for Janet in the entertainment industry.  And she is seasoned enough to know that negative publicity comes with the package.  Focus on the complete package!  Just because someone is now famous does not give them Queens Status but Janet is truly a Queen by association if you know the deal.

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