Janet’s Comeback Measures America’s Recovery

800px-janet_jackson_31Janet’s Comeback Measures America’s Recovery


Janet Jackson’s comeback is a reflection of America’s recovery from its recession and if so we have good days coming soon.  As America passes a stimulus reinvestment plan, Live Nation decided to invest in Janet Jackson and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and the Flyte Tyme Family is pitching in and making sacrifices as the Time Band is in the process of release a new album, they found time for Janet.  And we cannot forget the actor, writer and director Tyler Perry who is getting paid, plans to write a role with Janet in mind at the inception.  So to all you’ll haters out there a point for Janet may well mean a point for America in real terms?  Meaning what you hope for her you might be hoping for yourself.  Did I say that?  Now what do you have to say?  Go Janet go?  I thought so!  Well maybe it is not that serious, get the point?  Just because you are afraid of your shadow, does not mean Janet has to stop being creative.


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