Janet, Live Nation, Insult to Injury

250px-janet_jackson_rock_with_you11Janet, Live Nation, Insult to Injury


When I heard Janet signed with Live Nation a one record and tour deal, the first thing that came to my mind was, “I would never sign such a deal.”  Then I heard she would be trying to release the album in spring of 2009 and I said to myself, the combination of the two is the nail in the coffin.  I mean what kind of management is Janet under, certainly it does not sound like new management, but the same folly expecting different results.  The person who came to mind was Jermaine Dupri, because he is stupid like that and disparate for a deal.  But I thought higher of Janet, maybe she is not as smart as I thought and seems to not want my counsel.


A one record one tour deal for Janet could be career ending in this screwed up economy.  Has Janet become desperate also?  I mean if she wants to start an Independent Label under the name Black Doll it is all good, but have the artistic freedom that comes with it.  Like the word is Prince plans to release 3 or 4 albums this year, how true it is beats me, but this are the type of things you can do as an independent artist.


I understand Janet has a tour she wants to finish, but to whose benefit? Janet take my advice stop and think, it is not that expensive to put together good material with people like Jam and Lewis, but gives time some time a record deal after where you have been taken over the last 5 years is a serious step and responsibility.  But do not bet your career on 2009 when the President of the United States will not bet a $900 Billion dollar reinvestment plan on 2009.  Actually I was happy to hear Live Nation did not add insult to injury.  To negotiate in good favor you need a good plan, in my humble opinion this sounds at best impulsive.  Janet truly need new management, because whoever is making the decisions now are incompetent.


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