On the contrary the answer is more spending

imag01231On the contrary the answer is more spending


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 13 February 2009


Hard times call for hard choices and from the look of your birthday chart you will have to cut back on the luxuries this year. That’s good. It will remind you of what is really important in your life. Being rich isn’t just about material possessions.

You don’t have to take a friend’s or a loved one’s advice today but you would be wise to listen to what they have to tell you, especially if you are about to follow in their footsteps and try something risky. Make use of their experience. Learn from their mistakes.

On the surface this sounds like good advice, but it is contrary to everything we are trying to do.  We are in a recession that could become a depression if everyone had this mentality to hold back on spending.  People are afraid and fear is the only thing they have to fear.  As I put it they are afraid of their own shadow and everyone wants to play it safe and by doing so nothing will change.  Hell I have not even been paid yet and we are talking about cutbacks?  This foolishness cannot possibly pertain to me.

Furthermore the mistake Janet made was running around with an immature, moron midget, who thinks that living the life is getting drunk, photographing the parties and bragging.  I tell you the truth this is some embarrassing stuff, Janet has been challenged by her selection of men that she allowed to assist in her career.  Jermaine Dupri is an intellectually challenged drunk who had all the support of the world, meanwhile you’ll treated me like shit and now you tell me to learn from the mistake of others and be lean, the nerves of you all!  I was put to shame!

I will get off of the subject because I am not feeling this at all; I want to share something with you because it will explain something said.

I think I stumbled onto something, I think the name of God is Our, not Jehovah or Allah but Our meaning belonging to us and refers to a member of the speakers family, so not let us complete the sentence with these meanings in mind.


In the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ = Belonging to us and a member of the family of Lord Jesus Christ = a powerful man named Jesus (a Teacher) who is a savior.  It is that simple!


That said, I will work on my studio this weekend.  But the meaning to the letter is you cannot try the same thing and expect different results, you cannot start a new life and carry with you the old baggage.  I think my loved ones have to learn fro their own mistakes and not repeat the same folly and by no means be afraid to be creative just because the world is afraid, because this type of fear is an impediment to economy growth as a nation.  There is no sure thing but the Lord whom we all know constantly gets rejected. Meanwhile you expect miracles!


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