Janet, it is her move

234007m11Janet, it is her move


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 14 February 2009


Why are you always waiting for tomorrow to come? What’s wrong with today? You know what it is you want most out of life, you have dreamed about it often enough, so there can be no more excuses: go out and get it – not tomorrow but right away.

You don’t have to be sociable. You don’t have to sing and shout. In fact, with the Sun moving into your birth sign next week you would be wise to keep a low profile for a few days. The more energy you save now the more you will accomplish later.

Sorry I woke up late, because I stayed up late watching television and joking with some of the fellows.  First of all according to a star dear to me she is shifting into a newer and better position and the world may well be shocked in more ways than one.


I learned a valuable lesson yesterday, there are a group of people who no matter what I say they will be in disbelief because they have their minds set on what they perceive as reality and I come to realize to them it is all in fun and love for their Pop Icon.  So who am I to try to convince them differently and the more I try to drill reality into their minds and hearts the more they think I am simply put crazy.  Until they hear it from their source (Janet) they (Her Fans) are not going to believe any thing I say and this will not happen until her publicist decides to come forward with the truth.  And until they know who I am there is not much I can do for them, they are lost sheep.  My vision becomes reality when the truth is revealed


Because of a request my weekend plans have been altered, I have to go get a haircut and do a photo shoot, but I still have to get on the studio because I have to do a sound check. I just renovated my studio with much better hardware in the form of a computer and other stuff, I loss the use of a couple of programs chose not to use a couple more due to redundancy and now I have to know how well the programs perform in the new Vista OS (Operating System) environment.  So today will be errands and tomorrow will be studio sound checks and Monday I will get ready to go back to work Tuesday.


I always said Janet was my conduit to the rest of the world due to her celebrity status and when she tells it like it is, it might not be the best thing for her current image, but it will be the best thing for the rest of the world.  People do not necessarily believe the truth, they believe in popularity and media with creditability regardless as to how they go it. Just because the Pope is famous does not make him Holy Man or the Son of Man and just because a Man is dishonored does not mean he not the chosen one.


When the truth is revealed the world will be initially shocked in disbelief, but the price of believing will outweigh the initial shock and good things will happen. See it never was about me or my dream, but about the world and their dreams, because in Christ is reality and not dreams but a vision, so the truth must be revealed and the world will become a better place as a result of it.  So in reality it is not on me but on Janet, it is her move, because her true love for them is in revealing the truth, it will set them free in more ways than one.

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