I will have to visit the Churches

dscn0137I will have to visit the Churches


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 15 February 2009


You don’t have to do anything special when the Sun moves into your birth sign on Wednesday, you just have to realize what an important time this is and how much is possible if you truly believe in yourself. Oh, and be ready: things are going to happen fast.

I think things are going to work out and if things happen fast, I think I will be prepared this time and will not be too surprised like during the Integration, when I went into shock, because of the station of my life I was living in and the fact as to who I was and it was unknown to me.  Today I know who I am and I am confident in that.


I realize however, many people are angry with me and do not like me, for them there is not much I can do.  I guess that was how it was planned, as I always said “what I have is not meant for everyone,” many will be left out at the new beginning, where diseases will be cured; life will be lived in abundance and longevity. I can see the flock will be small, but those who waited in patience will not be in regret or will they be denied.


I always said I did not want to put one church denomination over another so I avoided them all, but I realize at some point I will have to visit the churches.  As you know I was no church boy or as they say choirboy; I am a product of the rough streets, so how a church is officiated is a mystery to me, these are things I have to learn, I am a fast learning however and will quickly be able to give input on management.  There are so many denominations teaching different things with so much in common, that the common grounds should be sought and not the differences.


As for Janet I expect her to visit these churches with me and that is not to exclude Kingdom Hall, as I said I have a problem with them all, but I trust their motives unlike the unbelievers who simply hate me.  So I close this letter with an old story I once told and President Obama I Hope you seal that document for me, Janet received it yesterday.  Like we all know a marriage must be consummated. Should this be witnessed or a simple casual kiss?  There are many married couples still unmarried, only the Lord and his mate can do such a thing in the name of the Lord.


Mt 18:20 For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.”


What I was Up Against!


The three Ruffians, Jubela, Jubelo and jubelum


Who were the Thugs?


I came across by a Freemason about these three ruffians (Thugs) he did not understand what I was saying, when I said they beat down a man who had a plan to build the temple (Of God) and took it from him.  I was talking about the so-called Christians, Muslims and Jews.  One claimed he died so that they could live, another said, God would not create such a person and anyone who follows him should be put to death and still another claimed he never came.  The common factor they all denied him and left him for dead.  This is a well kept secret concerning the Journey of the Lord.


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