Not alone in the need help department

dscn0035Not alone in the need help department


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 17 February 2009


Luck planet Jupiter is on superb form on your birthday this year, so you can expect an avalanche of good things to come your way over the next 12 months or so. Life won’t be this easy or enjoyable forever, so make the most of it while you can.

Admit it, you need help. Although the Sun moves into your birth sign tomorrow other aspects indicate that you are struggling in one or more areas of your life and you will continue to struggle until you swallow your pride and ask for assistance. It’s not so hard.

Give me a break I made requests from a to z all spoken to deaf ears, so do not expect me to beg this morning, because it will not happen I am not in the mood.  Why Janet’s fans do not like me, what are they a bunch of hetero-phobic momma boys, who hate to see mom have a life other then tending to there needs?  Due to their life styles, they will need me before I need them.  It is one thing to be an infested community and another to be chosen to eradicate the disease.  We will see who gets the last laugh!  They get back what they dish out permanently terminated.


I am struggling in areas of my life who is not, whose life is perfect?  But I have been struggling since as long as I remember, the thing that is struggling is this damn economy, if anyone needs help it is Washington DC, but we live in a quad pro quo society, so do I have to beg, I do not think so, we all know what I want and need, it has been requested 100 times, it is when my request are answered that when the turning point begins and not some zodiac solar positioning.  When did I not struggle in life, this is nothing new to me, you cannot punish me by holding back on something I rightfully deserve but never had, I do not even know the luxuries of life, so how can I miss it?  The people who are suffering are those who had it and lost it, I do not qualify to be in that group.


I tried to finish this song in the morning, but I could not sing a word clearly, then when I got my voice together, I noticed the arrangements were off.  I managed to get the arrangement in order, now I have to record over the vocal arrangements with better vocal.  I present my work s a writer, but still do not want to sound like I just woke up.


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