Janet Jackson on the Studio Hush, Hush

jimmy20jam-spx-01147011Janet Jackson on the Studio Hush, Hush


The word is out that Janet J. is working on her 11th studio album and she will be working with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis of Flyte Tyme Productions which is actually located in Los Angeles California.  What people do not know is that there are at least three other big named producers involved in this project.


And, yes contrary to the rumors that there is no talks taking place between the Camp Janet and Live Nation, the truth of the matter is Live Nation is trying to save face, after a whack offer of a one album and tour deal.  Now both sides have to take a deep breath and exhale and get down to some serious talks.  No artist in there right mind is going to bet their career on the year 2009, when President Barak Obama himself is not even certain about a full economic recovery this year, when everyone knows music, song and dance comes out of discretionary spending.


Sure with Janet’s fan base and some good music she can continue her tour successfully and put out a hit in 2009, but she would be a mere setup woman for the next person to come out with something good and she knows this, so Black Doll is looking for a multi year multi tier deal and not just a deal to be the setup for the success for others, but wants the opportunity to reap from the fruits of her labor at a later date as she does her part to assist in the economic recovery.  The 2009 tour will include charitable shows as well.  The Latest Project is currently unnamed to the public.


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