Just who are my rivals?

eye1Just who are my rivals?


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 19 February 2009


The sacrifices you make over the next six months or so will pay off in a big way in the six months following that, so plan ahead and don’t worry if your rivals seem to be getting ahead of you – a year from now you’ll be in a league of your own.

The Sun in your birth sign over the next few weeks means that a new cycle is under way, so forget about what happened yesterday and the day before and focus on what happens next. Every week, every day and every hour will bring new adventures.

Is what it is what it is?  Just who are my rivals, the next man simply trying to turn a buck?  What league am I in, the slave bowl where niggers kill off each other to the entertainment of a select few?  All the money is going to the same people, while the league you want to put me in is just trying to turn a buck.  My problem is not with them.  Do not get my interest in Janet and my enemies twisted.


The problem is the system in a nutshell and the power that stands whose time is up, what you thought I forgot, because of the constant distractions you allowed to be put before me.  I happen to know you are in a dangerous position surrounded by secret societies that are not so secret these days and we have to keep you alive in order for the right things to be done.  My hands will be much more far reaching than Hollywood.


Satan time is up and the rescue plan should not be his bailout but the bailout of the people and real American People rescue plans has to be put into place.  The money cannot go back to the same hands with the same mentality, but it has to offer true change in the society at hand.  I realize you are a politician and has to play the game, but do not be fooled I know who my rivals are and it is not the next guy trying to turn a buck, but the power that be.


Everyone knows who I am but they will slip as we follow the money trail, which will not be hard because it is coming from us.  They will slip and fall to never get up again; just keep doing what you are doing as we see passed the money handlers.  So far they are all fronts to a more corrupt society on men.  Do not be fooled by my interest in Janet because every step is observed and every move calculated.


As for yesterday, today and tomorrow, it is all the same shit, what you have to be aware of is my day, when all will be exposed and all enemies will be disposed of.

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