Chris Needs a Lawyer & Happy “B” Day Rihanna


Chris Needs a Lawyer & Happy “B” Day Rihanna


Happy Birthday Rihanna, I hate to say it but when Chris Brown beat you up you may have hit the Jackpot.  Chris Brown was a fool and is in camp stupid, he does not need a Publicist or someone for Damage Control unless he is a lawyer because he needs a lawyer and fast.  He does not need a criminal lawyer he needs to handle his civil lawsuit.  In criminal court it takes beyond a reasonable doubt to find him guilty, which may be hard to prove without an eyewitness, to crazy charges like attempted murder.


Chris Brown’s biggest nightmare will come in the form of a civil lawsuit whereby I predict he will be found guilty of assault and battery and not in criminal court for attempted murder due to the threat of killing her prior to committing battery and not attempted murder.  In civil court it takes a preponderance of evidence which is anything over 50% guilty in the jury pool. 


Now I am not a lawyer and as a paralegal I am aware of UPL (Unauthorized Practice of Law) so the best I can do is tell Chris he needs a lawyer, but cannot give him legal advice.  I mean Rihanna does not look like the picture of her on web anymore, how I know please do not ask but I do know for certain.  But it is undeniable that Chris Brown went way out of bounds and cause Rihanna damages and the only real damage control is probably an out of court settlement and that takes a lawyer and his professional advice.


Camp Rihanna is not stupid and knows that Brown’s career will benefit both parties in an out of court settlement that can prevent a criminal case and the bad publicity that will come with it.  I think Chris Brown’s only way out is an out of court settlement with Camp Rihanna.  Perhaps now a secret insurance policy might surface to settle this matter.  Happy Birthday Rihanna for walking away from an abusive relationship with millions and a few bruises that African SHEA butter will heal. 


Janet Jackson ends Professional Ties with Jermaine Dupri.


Regardless she should recover damages in civil court, from show cancellations to promotional outings missed, plus she was beat up badly, she will do well and get paid for getting out of a bad situation.  Now if Chris settles out of court, they can never have a relationship again, but she can publicly accept his apology and wish him well and not help with the investigation due to attorney advice and get a restraining order for a few years and make him pay for her bodyguard of her choice if within a certain distance say at a Grammy event or another award show.




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