Real Solutions to real Problems

obama-official-photo1Real Solutions to real Problems


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 20 February 2009


Too often you rate advice you get from other people higher than the advice that comes from your own subconscious, but that will change over the next 12 months or so. Learn to trust your instincts: they come from the part of you that is never wrong.

Uranus, planet of the future, is very much on your side at the moment and some of the ideas filtering through to your brain are light years ahead of their time. But don’t wait light years to do something with them. Build a little bit of the future in your life today.

We elected a new President on the promise of change, and every public suggestion I made are doable now and just calls for a different mindset.  We can throw money at the same people with the same basic instincts and ultimately end up with the same results failure or we can attach real life demands to real life solution to real life problems.  Fro example every institutional bailout should come with a changing concept to business as usual.


Why give money to healthcare to continue to treat diseases that we know can be cured.  The problem with the healthcare system is we are treating diseases instead of curing them.  That should be an American challenge to cure every disease on the planet and eradicate premature death. We should be talking about the cure to AIDS, these are doable things.  I was told that maybe it is time to stop building cars and start building parts, because there are too many cars on the road already, so why build when we can modify and rebuild.  Just brainstorming!


I did not see the monkey photo, but I hear the cry of the black community and the desire to boycott the New York Post because of racism.  It is good that black people have found a reason to come to common grounds and gather for a purpose.  I hope they use this platform for a greater good for community in support of the Obama Administration.  Boycotting a newspaper is a form of censorship now they can say anything without the knowledge of the black community.  The right hand wants to know what the left hand is doing and the Internet is hurting the hardcopies, so if anything the Post is getting huge publicity nationwide.  They say boycott when they should be saying buy from self that would be a greater challenge and a real improvement to the community.  The one to gain from all of this is the New York Post, if they play this out right. Maybe prominent blacks should come together and establish a black own daily tabloid in New York City the financial capital of the world with subscriptions nationwide.

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