Janet Jackson and the Big Guns

janet-in-dallas1Janet Jackson and the Big Guns


There are basically 4 or 5 major record labels today and what a major label really balls down to is they have their own distribution system and demands high volume record sales.  An independent label is basically a label that has no affiliation with a major label and uses independent distributors to get their record into the stores.


So if a person has their own label but is under the umbrella of a major labels are they actually independent of the major labels? The fact of the matter Live Nation is a monster in the music industry and is if not the most influential company in the music industry in conjunction with Clear Channel Communications.  So to sign an independent deal with Live Nation is not in fact independent of the major channels of the music industry, because the fact of the matter is record labels depend on Live Nation and Clear Channel Communications, for touring and airplay on the radio.


So it is obvious that they can demand from the major labels distribution for artist signed to them. The bottom-line is there will be advantages by Janet for signing onto her own Record Label “Black Doll” under the umbrella of Live Nation.


Perhaps Janet’s timing is perfect as Live Nation and Ticket-Master is announcing a merger, making Live Nation even bigger.  Just as major labels have their own distribution now Live Nation owns distribution of concert tickets as we know Ticket-Master is a major distributor of concert tickets.  So as a package deal it might be a very good business venture to sign onto Live Nation to put out a new album and new tour in 2009.  However statistical analysis has to be taken to measure the success of the tour based on the economic soundness in the world at large.


Some economist predict a full economic recovery and some a partial recovery and even other predict it will get worst before it gets better, and concerts and record sales are in fact out of discretionary spending.  So we have to respect Live Nation for their cautiousness as they take a risk on Janet.  In this one Janet is the Forward Observer for the King of the Battle.  In other words she is being sent out front to test the waters for the biggest and the boldest being Live Nation; because as the old going say it, “The show must go on.”   


With Live Nation in conjunction with Clear Channel Communications and Ticket-Master every opportunity that the Economic Reinvestment Plan can offer will be put to a test; and who better than Janet to face the challenge?  As we would often say in the United States Army the forward observer directed the big guns who were the king of the battle Artillery and air support. 




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