Chimp a President Obama Death Threat

chimp-2009-02-18-cartoon1Chimp a President Obama Death Threat


When I first heard about this carton I thought it was just a minor insult about racial differences.  I was happy that something happened to bring black people together in these times of economic crisis, with the hope that more than racism would be addressed during this gathering.  Then today I looked at Brother Sharpton’s article and saw the picture after listening to so much radio coverage about the insult.


I found this to be an insult to the intelligence of the black community, the Secret Service and the President of the United States.  This was a clear case of terrorism and a direct threat against the life of President Obama.  This is not about racism it is about a covert message sent out by a billionaire putting a price on the head of our President.


Therefore it is my position that this action goes under a thorough investigation by the FBI and Secret Service and perhaps the CIA if foreign powers are thought to be connected.  This is more serious than calling President Obama a monkey but the message was ‘You are a dead Monkey.”   They clearly threatened to kill the man and may have put out a contract, we will never know until we know about all of his associations, the whole staff at the New York Post should be put under investigation.

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  1. Dude, you have lost your ever lovin mind if you seriously think this was a threat of any kind. Maybe you should get a better education so you can appreciate a higher form of humor

    • OK let me test my education, you re white am I correct dude? “He died for me sins,” that is not a threat either is it?

    • Why does the color of ones skin have to do with anything? The point is many remarks where made by many people of multiple races towards previous presidents and no one gave a crap. All of a sudden we have a so-called black president and its an issue. Well lighten up a bit because your president sure is! He’s not black he’s mixed he had a white mother for Christ sake. He is just as much white as he is black. However if he did not have any black in him no one would give a crap about this comment anyway. Look at previous articles about Bush, Clinton, Carter they were very similar to this one. In fact Clinton was called a chimp also by this very same person. And I do recall the Obama making several references to the Bush administration as being monkeys during his campaign. Why do blacks feel so attached to primates? I have never heard anyone make the comparison and if they did it would be out of stupidity anyway. Racism starts with YOU PAL quit looking for it. If you continue to look for it you will find I promise.

  2. If you are using the term “white” to refer to a lighter skin color, than yes. If you are referring to being of british descent, that would not be correct. What my skin color has to do with your education, or anything else for that matter I am not sure of.

    “He died for me sins” is not a threat. It may be considered a threat to English professors across the country as it is horrible english, but there is nothing about the sentence to convey the message of direct or indirect harm to anyone or anything.

    If the cartoon was intended as a death threat of any kind (which is was not), there is no way it could be directed at Obama. If you read the caption, they indicate that the Chimp wrote the stimulus bill. Obama did not write the stimulus bill, he only signed it.

    I’m sure none of that matters to you because of my skin color though…

    • The point is I have not found one black man who saw the humor, they want to shutdown the post, I think that is a little extreme; I say imprison the culprits. Tony this conversation ends here.

      What does this mean? I can punch in the same keys and get different results. My point is we do not speak the same language or you would have understood my point and had empathy for my lack of understanding the humor, instead you insulted my intelligence and you believe your own bullshit. Any further comments will be deleted by you on this subject.


  3. Actually, you are correct. My sister’s boyfriend is a Secret Service agent, and they come out on things like this all the time. Even if it “barely” looks like a threat. I dont know for sure, but i am sure the SS at least made a phone call to the New York post.

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