It is time to call me to duty

dscn01431It is time to call me to duty


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 22 February 2009


Dear, Mr. President:


Yesterday turned out to be a fine day, I managed to write two songs and I am very proud of one of them and can be made very proud of the other.  One was well put together and the other was a massage song, but arrangements are needed for it to be received for what it is worth.  Through it the truth could be told.


What was the outburst all about yesterday, well what brought it on was fatigue, but it was overdue, because I hide my personal feelings for the better of the whole, I often do not say what is needed to be heard.  I honestly think my talents are intentionally being neglected as I am being intentionally held down; nothing I say or do is good enough.  I warned you’ll about the Economic Crisis prior to 9/11 by a day or two and I told you then what the solution was.  I do not have to repeat myself do I?  It is on record my statement that is!


I do not know if you want me to have self doubt or you simply do not give a damn, but there is so much that I can do to help the world as a hold, but none of my conditions are being met.  What I want, it is on record; I do not have to repeat the requested settlement.


You say my vision is light years away, but we are traveling in light years today.  Time is something that accelerates and if your predictions on the course of the planet is based on 24 hours a  day as it was in the beginning of time measured future destiny is going to sneak up on you and you are going to find yourselves in a bad situation got worst, to the point of major sacrifices being need to survive it.


Personally I think it is time to call me to duty, but under my current conditions and station in life I would not do it if I were you, because we might run into a trust issue.  The last time I was called to duty I woke up homeless and was called crazy until this day.  You’ll did not do right by me and everything seemed to have been going fine and dandy, but ultimately you got what you deserved and because of your past actions, I will make you’ll depend on me for as long as I live, that I never be mistreated like this again.  And if I have my way I will live to the minimum of 150 years thanks to stem cells.  Is that light years away also?


So finally you wonder what is so significant about Janet Jackson “Jones?”  I planted a seed in her, not once but twice, that the world know it was me.  Both times she did not know it was me, so it became a mystery as to who was it.  It was the Lord’s work that she knew and he gets all the credit.  Janet like the Jews were always married but rebellious; as she rejected me over and over, as I carried her when she could not carry herself.  As long as you’ll reject me nothing will go right for you’ll.  When she duly recognizes me so will the world.  I mean look at and the authority they give my words; they say my words are of little authority, such dishonor.  Well the bottom line is the truth will be revealed and I will be placed in my proper place or sadly as it may seem the world will cease to exist as we know it, but that is regardless, so the question is will the change be for the better or the worst?  Janet knew but did not want to accept me, due to her and my station in life and that is the moral to the story.



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