Try Again

imag01957Try Again


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 23 February 2009


You will be inspired to do something out of the ordinary this year, something that not only makes you feel good but makes other people feel happier too. Most of all though you will set an example by refusing to let cynicism have any place in your life!

You have a talent for wishful thinking and with the moon eclipsing Jupiter in the most imaginative area of your chart today your thoughts may be completely at odds with reality. But what of it? The world needs dreamers, and it’s what you do best.

Then I think it is best that I keep my thoughts not to mislead people with my fantasies.  One moment you tell me let not pessimism have place in my live then you throw in a monkey wrench and say I am a mere dreamer.  I do not have anymore time for his one; try again tomorrow or the next day.  Regardless to what I think the truth will come to the light, and what I think if false it will have no power. The problem is not applying imagination to a situation unlike any before, but trying to use conventional measure in a war that is not conventional and the economic war is not conventional.


If I went through everything I went through to simply get old and die, then even the prize is meaningless.  I did not go through all of this just to get with Janet and die.  So if the promises of stem cells are simply dreams I bet my hand on a fallacy.  I know most diseases are manmade either directly or indirectly through technological innovation and I know diseases are curable and people do not have to die so soon.  Why am I trying to convince you that you do not have to die so soon?  Throw in the damn towel!



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