I betted on Stem Cells & do not gamble

obama-official-photo2I betted on Stem Cells & do not gamble


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 24 February 2009


Communications of all kinds will go well for you over the coming 12 months. Even when you get bad news it will turn out to be good news in disguise. Your positive mental vibes will inspire those around you and lift everyone to a more hopeful level.

The next few weeks hold so much promise that it’s quite likely you will look back later in the year and marvel at how much you achieved. Alternatively, of course, you could just sit back and do nothing and watch the world go by. Don’t you dare?

Things are moving along smoothly, but I can do but so much at one time and next month I plan to work on the  screenplay, fix it up and all, I do not think I will make major changes, it is a fine screenplay as it is and reveals a lot of stuff, I might delete some of the revelations and save it for another show. 


I am putting out better music than in the past, I think the renovation of the studio was worth the time, effort and money, because I can see the difference in the results.  I think I wrote a few hits already and I just got started. I think I might have to do the music thing and the screenplay concurrently, I am sending this stuff to Janet.  The least I can do is open the music box, by sharing important information beyond just song and music.  That is behind the scene stuff!


On the business of government affairs side of things, I do not know what is happening with Stem Cell Research, but that is the key to life and the only foreseeable problem is we trained our researchers to treat diseases instead of curing them.  So it might be necessary to send them back to the drawing table to look at illnesses and diseases in another prospective and think outside the box for a moment and say I can cure this disease we can go beyond the ceiling we set for ourselves.


I bet my life and my life work on the ability to cure diseases, I did not do all of this to die prematurely, the promises of stem cells has to be realized and it will be the greatest changing event in human history it will change how government is run, from social security to the actual workforce to even the department of education and corrections, everything will have to be rethought once the life expectancy is doubled.  This is a realistic goal over the next five years, I might have to further plan the seed to make it happen, but I am confident it will happen in time and in my life time.


Apostle Paul 

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