Janet Jackson & the Time Band World Tour

A New Marketing Strategy


time-bandJanet Jackson & the Time Band World Tour


We all know Janet is pure magic and can put on a great show.  She is currently working with Jam and Lewis of Flyte Tyme Productions on new album, what everyone may have let slip by is the fabulous Time Band with lead singer Morris Day is working on something concurrently.  It is possible the two albums might drop about the same time and it is a huge possibility that the Time Band will be added to the Janet World Tour ticket as the other act and an added attraction.


Also with Ticket-Master merged with Live Nation who is a huge distributor of concert tickets, it is a possibility that the albums will be sold as an add on to ticket purchases through Ticket-Master, meaning for the same basic price of a concert ticket to see Janet and the Time Band featuring Morris Day, you will also get a copy of the newly released album in the mail with your purchase.  This is a new marketing strategy being introduced by Black Doll and Live Nation the Monster of musical entertainment.  So not only will you get to see Janet and the Time up close and personal, but you will get to hear them for the price of your concert tickets.  Oh, sure the albums will be available at record stores in you local location, but if you plan to go to the show, this is great package deal.


Details have not been iron out yet; the idea is in the embryonic stage, but realistically a foreseeable future business venture for Black Doll, Flyte Tyme and the Live Nation umbrella.  It would increase record sales, promote the tour and add much more interest to the whole shebang.  The East Coast canceled stops may be rescheduled with the newly ensemble.  Pure excitement!


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