I need to focus more on myself for awhile

imag01958I need to focus more on myself for awhile


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 25 February 2009


A new moon on your birthday will inspire you to start a new cycle, one in which you think and act for yourself rather than for other people. Each day you get a little bit older, but do you get more enjoyment from life? You should, and you will.


A new moon in your sign makes this the perfect day to start a new plan, project or relationship. It does not matter how many times you have tried and failed in the past you will succeed this time, it’s written in the stars. What are you waiting for?

Hypothetically speaking I am suffering from battle fatigue; I no longer see an end to this tour of duty.  Aside from these side notes you pretend I do not exist, to society as a whole I am a ghost.  I am not enthusiastic about this time of the year and do not look forward to anything to happen but maybe a happy birthday and a cake, as for a party I have nothing to party about.  Don’t get me wrong but I know a birthday is just another day and a reminder that you are getting older.

I will probably take my birthday off from the job and relax on the day.  I have physical on that day at the VA and hopefully a day prior I will have my impression done for my second crown.  I will edit my screenplay about that time; I will start the process anyway and by doing so revisit my past.  Keeping up these web site have become a full time job and I do not know if it is worth my time and effort, because the book has been written and I feel I am spread too thin.  I might take about two weeks off from blogging to focus on some of my program applications I am not totally clear on that claim to be user friendly but requires my immediate attention.  So I guess you are right I need to focus on myself a little more, with Janet it seems like I am like an artist as good as the last hit record.  I always had to work 10 times as hard as the next person.  I have to write her blog after a blog while they write one per week and get the same amount of exposure, I find that disturbing, but that is my way of telling her what I think she should do, but I can do this better behind the scenes by being more blunt.

Between learning about my new programs and electronic components, working on my screenplay, making songs and working I am booked.  I have to find time for myself in this process.  I am actually in the process of writing a song so silly it is difficult to write, but I am half way there.  So the message is to put more focus o myself and that I have to concur with.


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