It is all Business on “B” Day

dscn01441It is all Business on “B” Day


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 26 February 2009


You may be somewhat shy by nature but you do sometimes let your hair down, and with chatty Mercury and fun-loving Venus on great form on your birthday you will be a bit of a party animal this year. Affairs of the heart are also well starred.

Forget about your money worries and do something that makes you feel good about your life, no matter how much it might cost. You’ll find a way to pay the bills – you always do – and you will also have some great memories to look back on.

Thank you but no thanks.  I am not going to intentionally be financially ill-responsible; I am now in the process of paying down on the debt, what you think I built this studio on donations on the contrary I had to borrow.  So in reality I bought myself my birthday gift in advance.  I am not hurting for any possessions but love is not a possession.  As for love and affection it is like a play toy to a child I get just enough to pacify.  All these gadgets and software/hardware devices my birthday or New Years resolution is to use them.  I would like to start the New Year like I plan to use the rest of the year and that is not partying.  Unless you are the Host party & business are an oxymoron.   So one day you say this is the year to take care of business than you say be a punk ass party animal.  Get real!

As for affairs of the heart I am a ghost and you want it that way or it would not be so, for whatever reason, my guess is plausible denial.  There is nothing famous about my affairs.  As we know I am a writer at and I edited Janet’s bio and do you know they deleted my shit, so I do not buy my affairs of the heart are starred they are intentionally hidden.  I am the one who made the babies with her and is the least or only one not spoken about.  I should have never agreed with a lot of things like not taking any photos with her, but you learn from your mistakes.  John Gotti is scum bag for arranging that.

So now the idea of legalizing Marijuana is a seriously on the table issue in California.  There are a lot of people expressing the idea as a way to save the state of its debts, for once I think I am not just talking to the winds, but now New York City needs to talk about the idea of Casino Gambling to save the City and state of New York.  All it takes is a few good writers and advocates and it will be a done deal once voted on by the people.

Well finally as for doing something special on my birthday, first of all is falls on a week day which I do plan to take off, but I have a doctors appointment on the day an maybe a dental the day prior and I am spent out, but if I thought you were serious I would think you would pay me some of the money owed me and not the other way around of spend and depend on you and Janet to make  a way for me to pay for my ill-responsible spending.  I am alright; I am not down in anyway whatsoever, but excited I am not either; there is just too many unfinished items on the agenda.


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