Janet’s Busy Wow Schedule is ahead

janet-rock-wit-chu-poster1Janet’s Busy Wow Schedule is ahead


Not only is Janet Jackson about to release a new album and hopefully land a starring role in the sequel to “Why did we get married,” but also to her credit she is said to have recorded a duet with her brother Michael Jackson to be released on his new album this summer the track is called “They keep talking,: which sounds like the sequel to “Scream.”  Which will require a high budget video to accommodate the two mega stars?


Then there is Jam and Lewis and the Flyte Tyme Production team not to ignore Morris Day the leader of the band and lead singer.  There is a huge possibility that a commercial will come out of the Black Doll and Flyte Tyme Productions camp sponsored by Monster Energy Drinks.  A humorous spoof about how Morris Day’s Sexual Prowess and Monster Energy Drinks are synonymous and Janet happens to be the fine girl he pursues at the night club, all in fun only the way the Time Band can represent.  Not meant to offend and done tastefully, as Morris made Stacy Adams the style of the 80’s the Time is betting on Monster over Red Bull in a battle similar to Pepsi and Coke.  The competition will only increase market share for both companies as Hip Hop and R&B, Pop Artist take their sides.  Just the break we need from Beer commercials. 


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