Janet recognizes industry Trend & Damage Control

celebsoutdinnerciprianirestaurantlondonjinvpnpofpal11Janet recognizes industry Trend & Damage Control


People buy music, but nowhere like in the past especially in the 80’s when Michael Jackson and Janet really took off and into the 90’s was the beginning of the downward trend.  So what is an artist to do especially with the economic mess?  Well they say Prince Response is to make 4 albums in 2009.  Maybe that might work, I do not know about that.


However Janet under new management with open ears to suggestions has realized the trend now for artist, as in the old saying, “Hit the road Jackson.”  In the old market the tour was a promotional tool for the recording now it is the other way around.  With more and more mainline artist going independent, the main focus is not on record sales but airplay and touring.  The idea is to use the music as a promotional tool as you engage in other forms of enterprising, such as commercials, product lines, touring and licensing to commercials, games and movies.


Going on tour is the hard work, but it is the work in-line with the profession that will keep a name relevant in the absence of mega record sales; it is the milking cow that transforms into commercials and product lines which are not necessarily synonymous but has the same prerequisite which is a good name in recognition.  Janet is currently under damage control, because every article stating Jermaine Dupri is her beau is crippling to her image  as an attractive and desired woman of men.  I mean who wants a woman with a monkey, it is gross right?  She did it to herself when he made that claim years ago she ran with it and it took her to Hell.  Now all she can do is hiding?  Well she is working on a new project, a promotion tool anyway, what matters are what she does after the project currently a work in progress.

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