Change may not be welcomed without incentive

dscn0144Change may not be welcomed without incentive


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date 1 March 2009


It’s going to be all change for you over the next few months. No matter what you may be working on now by this time next year, if not a lot sooner, you will be working on something completely different – something more in line with your true interests.

You may get a bit mixed up this week about what is serious and worth investing your time and energy in and what is trivial by comparison. Ask yourself if, a year from now, an issue is likely to mean as much to you. Most probably it won’t.

I know what is important in comparison to the big picture and I chose to work on songs and music as a helping hand to Janet’s new release, because I want her comeback to be a success.  Sp I gave then ideas and a few songs to help make a completely good project.  I can write a song in a few hours.  Janet has about 150 to 200 beats and about 40 songs by me, there has to be a few hits in that pile of compositions. 

I know that weather she make another hit record or not is insignificant and what matters are my government affairs, but you got is twisted playing with my studio is fun, solving economic issues is a headache, especially when they passed a huge budget and still refuse to send any compensation.  At least I should be good for my VA pension.


When I play music and write screens I can hear and read the results.  But there is no excuse for why the government cheats me constantly, so give me a reason why I should car anymore.


I am about to put my focus on my screenplay very some; because I enjoy this stuff and that which is what to important me, is that I enjoy life in my station of life.  President Obama does not pay me; I am not on his payroll as far as I am concerned it is 4 more of years of Bush.


Let us hope it does not get dirty because I am tired of the all the bullshit; as I am coming to the point of nothing to lose!

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