The Apostle Screenplay Final Edit Begins

imag0195The Apostle Screenplay Final Edit Begins


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 2 March 2009


Your mind will be razor-sharp this year, and if anything your tongue will be even sharper. You may be a nice guy by nature but sometimes you have to get tough with people who don’t pull their weight. Your words, though witty, will also have bite.

You need to keep your mind active and with Mars and Mercury in cosmic union today things such as puzzles and word games will be a lot of fun. This is also an excellent time for creative writing. Focus on your big idea and turn it into a best seller.

Today is the beginning of the transition from music to writing.  I have a three point plan first to read the entire screen and do an edit while removing fade in and fade out throughout the screen, leaving it at the beginning and end only.  Secondly I will add and remove minor parts not to change the momentum and storyline and finally I will do a final edit, I am not going to change the story too much it is a good story and what happened since the script was written has to wait for a part two.  I will start editing the Apostle today or at least open it up and calculate how long the process will take; my guess is about two months at 2 hours per day. 


Being it is a very personal script mostly non fiction with some imagination, I will send it to Janet, not to change but to approve or disapprove and distribute to potential directors.  I like Tyler Perry, but this actually falls into line with Denzel Washington, the Apostle Paul was the gangster of gangsters, talking about the Son of Man, he was the Son of the Made Man of the Gambino Family and ran things from behind the scenes for a long time starting at a very young age.


In a snapshot the screen is about a kid with a gift that is mental or spiritual depending on your belief code.  I mean what he does is beyond the five senses.  His parents decided he had to fulfill the prophecy of the scripture of the bible, but nobody had any idea the journey would turn out like it did.  It is a story about AKA Paul Castellano “the Apostle Paul” in a modern day setting,  It reveals a  lot of stuff, he had a huge influence in the world, even as a lot is revealed a lot will not be revealed due the fact that people just are not ready for it.  The ending is rejoicing.


Though the story is about the connections between the Gambino Family, the government, me and my associations with the Jackson Family and my journey through covert operations which resulted in violence and some really bad things as you learn the government is worst than the mob when it comes to sacrificing human life.  Michael Jackson is offered the leading role and Janet an important role as my mother who left the scene at the young age of 48 when I was 16 years old, just months after I made my pact with the Jackson family and arranged my marriage, that I have something to go home to when the mission was over and it is almost over, so now the story can be told.


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