Janet Jackson under Character Elimination

800px-janet_jackson_31Janet Jackson under Character Elimination


In the old days of entertainment, it was the old cliché “No publicity is bad publicity.” Back in the days artist would just try to stay in the media by any means possible, because name recognition regardless to what it was recognized in association with could transition into sales or concert tickets, albums, movie tickets and other means of trade.


For the last few months Janet has been in the media basically hitting the web with one rumor after another, to the point that nobody really knows what to believe.  Certain things are facts but the matter to the facts is unclear, such as why did she really cancel so many shows during her tour to include Japan


Instead of Jermaine Dupri admitting he screwed up as did Janet when all this hell broke out she said I make a mistake.  Her mistake was giving the responsibility of a man to a punk.  The bottom line was Janet was not getting paid for her services, so she stopped rendering them.  I mean if they told Jermaine take a hike boy you get paid nothing tonight what could he do sue?  He is no money collector and Janet was at the mercy of him, but we can blame it on ticket sales.


Then there is the crab syndrome, a crab is a person who in pot of boiling water will pull someone down with him instead of trying to get out of the heat himself. So we have a character assassination, whereby we are getting a bunch of negative publicity about Janet being pregnant out of wedlock by a chimpanzee.  And unlike the old days it does not transition into anything but bad news.  Nobody is loyal like they use to be, fans will go astray, record companies want to turn a fast buck with one hit wonders creating boring Grammies and now a good image is everything..


Dig this here; the Janet Jackson pregnancy and pregnant rumor got over 3 million hits on the world wide web, but sold not one song.  The Janet & Jermaine this and that has mega hits but how many records have it sold and the answer is none and as for a good name it works in reverse and gives Janet a bad name.

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