The Apostle Casting and Final Edit Due Soon

img001The Apostle Casting and Final Edit Due Soon


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 3 March 2009


You have the intelligence to reach the top in your chosen field of endeavor, of that there is no doubt at all, but do you have the ambition? That is the question that will be asked of you this year and you will answer it in the affirmative. Greatness awaits you.

You may not enjoy being the center of attention but you won’t have much say in the matter today as almost everyone you meet wants to shake your hand, pat you on the back or in some other way show their appreciation. It’s nice to be so highly thought of.

The screenplay is already copyrighted as you can see three years ago, the question is when can the story be told and how.  


The Copyrights Information: 


Name of this work:  The Apostle

Previous or alternative titles: the Project

Form TX:  TXu#-###-###

Date: Xxx. ## 200#


I just need to read the screen to remember the story and make a few minor edits, I did it already, I do not have to remove the fade in and fade outs.  Also I have an up to date hard copy I will carry it with me and read the screen.  I will read the complete screenplay to remember what I wrote, before I edit it.


There has to be a sequel to the Apostle, there is no avoiding this and for that reason I might have to do something to transition the flow to this end.  I think I know what.  If I am right the copyright version is coded, I have a version that reveals the actual names.


The Apostle will require a multi racial base of actors and actresses, the main characters are black, Italian or Hispanic.  If they decide to film the show soon Janet is at the right weight to play my mother now as you can see in the photo above.  I would like the ACTOR ARMAND ASSANTE to play John Gotti again along side SINGER/ACTOR MICHAEL JACKSON as me the real Paul Castellano.  They can take it from there.  I realize the director might have to touch up the screenplay.


The screen does not have to have a black director, nor is it a black movie; it crosses multi-cultural lines as are the leading roles.  I think it will require a nice size budget, to be done right.


Special Instructions:


#1: There will be no critic DVD copies distributed.

#2: The critics preview screening will be done in New York City at a movie theater of our selection.

#3: We will hire our own security to patrol the theaters at which it will be showed.

#4: If we can keep the black market out, we can limit the theater it is showed in and keep it hot for a couple of months.  Limited Engagements!

#5: I would like the first couple of weeks to be showed at AAFES Reel Time Theaters in the Military circuit.



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