Happy Birthday to you also

dscn0139Happy Birthday to you also


To: Janet Jackson

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 4 March 2009


Teamwork is a must this year, especially if you are one of those people whose mind tends to drift on to more interesting things when you are faced with a repetitive task. You need down-to-earth partners who won’t get carried away with silly daydreams.

You seem to have a lot to say for yourself at the moment and that trend will continue for several days. So long as what you say is based on reason you won’t go far wrong but if you get emotional about it you may go very wrong indeed.

I know you were raise Jehovah’s Witness and a birthday is just another day.  I feel the same way, but a friendly mention of it would not have been out of taste.  Your molding did not stop you on someone else’s birthday.  Must I remind you that your religious upbringing did not matter on that day?  Happy Birthday to you also!

JERMAINE Dupri had a little too much of a good time celebrating his 36th birthday. The other night, Dupri and his squeeze, Janet Jackson, went to Tenjune, where, spies say, they shared bottles of Jay-Z’s Ace of Spades Champagne and Patrón tequila with Ne-Yo, Busta Rhymes and Ice-T – until Dupri “vomited in Janet’s lap. Ms. Jackson bolted out of the scene and sped off in her chauffeured Maybach.” A rep for Jackson and Dupri didn’t return calls. A rep for Tenjune declined to comment.

I was once told by my uncle that he send Christmas Cards out to people who send them to him the year prior, he stopped sending them out to a lot of people.  I admit I forgot someone close to me in January 2009, because the relationship is new to me, but for many years I have not forgotten you, but from this day on I will respect your upbringing.


This message forgot the proper opening sentence, so the rest of it is not relevant.

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