Michael Jackson Kills Dying Rumor and Returns to Touring

Britain Michael JacksonMichael Jackson Kills Dying Rumor and Returns to Touring


Michael Jackson passed his physical clearing the way for a tour to begin in London; a tour that is expected to make 30 stops paying Michael $30 Million for 30 shows.  Michael who was the original lead singer for the Jackson Five the hit family group with huge successes in the 1970’s and early 80’s had a luxurious solo career as did his sister Janet Jackson who also plans to tour this summer.  Both plan to drop a new album in 2009 and it is unclear as to weather Janet Jackson will be the opening act for Michael Jackson which would be a solid ticket.  There is no mention of a Jackson Five reunion tour at this time.  Michael and Janet went public this week killing to major false rumors one being Michael is not dying and secondly Janet false pregnancy.  2009 promises to be a solid year for the Jackson Family.


Michael assisted in the production of Unbanic a Big Fish Audio looping software application.  There is word that he was actively involved in its production lending some of his huge catalog to the loop library.  It runs on Elastik a Ueberschall looping VSTi Device.  VST is a Trademark of Steinberg the makers of Cubase, Elastik is wonderful addition to Cubase. 


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  1. Beat the rumours Michael! 😀

  2. So much for beating the rumors.

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