Believe it & conceive it & if you conceive it you can achieve

image0051Believe it & conceive it & if you conceive it you can achieve


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 5 March 2009


The dividing line between reality and idealism will blur considerably over the coming 12 months and as a result some of your proposals may seem a bit far-fetched. But someone has to push the boundaries, and no one is better qualified to do it than you.

With mind planet Mercury overshadowed by your ruler Neptune you may be inclined to ignore common sense and do something outlandish, if not outrageous. Or maybe, if you’re smart, you will keep it in the realms of fantasy. “What if?” can be a lot of fun too?

I am not going to do anything to embarrass myself.  I read about half of the screenplay yesterday and most say I was impressed, it was a smooth read and I was drawn into the story, I only stopped because it was time to see my doctor at the VA.  I got a very good bill of health, I do not have to go back for a year and no longer have to stick myself with the glucose meter, and my diet is working along with a pill.


I do not think my proposals are far fetched; they are based on today’s realities.  I am glad Michael Jackson help in the production and endorsed Urdanic by Big Fish Audio which is run on Elistik loop player, they need to make a commercial at least for radio to hear how this program can go, seeing him dance to it would be better,  And it is good that he is healthy and going back on tour, I only hope Janet teams up with him, that would be huge.


I realize we have bigger fish to fry, but I think I gave up most of the answers I am capable of giving, some things call for Paul Castellano and the Holy Spirit, like the cure to AIDS and the fountain of youth. 


I know Governor Paterson is blind but is he mentally blind as well.  All he has to do is sell OTB and legalize Casino Gambling in New York City and advocates need to bring this to forefront before they build on the Atlantic vacant space in Brooklyn.  They should build a Casino there.  I understand they are at least trying to legalize Marijuana in California  Just these two moves alone will bring in billions in new tax revenues, from products and services already are in existence going untaxed or being outsourced to other places


Finally I think Stem Cell Research is the answer to the health crisis, we trained our doctors  and research scientist wrong, their approach is to treat instead of curing, we have to retrain them too another mindset.  The problem we now have as far as my far-fetched boundaries are not that they are unrealistic, but that our education system teaches our kids to accept things as they are instead of having a dream and pursuing them a dream become reality because if you truly believe it and can conceive and what you conceive you can achieved.  This was common sense to my generation growing up, but somewhere the ideals were lost.  When I was a child my teacher asks one student what he wanted to b when he grew up and he said the President of the United States he was a black child in 1st grade, today we have a black president.  I was asked what did I want to be and today you have me.  If you believe it you can conceive it and if you conceive it you can achieve it.


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