Not Trying to buy Love or Anything Else Now

dscn0137Not Trying to buy Love or Anything Else Now


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 6 March 2009


They say its love that makes the world go around and you will get the chance – maybe several chances – to prove that particular maxim this year. Just remember that the best kind of love is the kind that does not have to be bought. Don’t bankrupt yourself.

Money has a tendency to slip through your fingers and the planets warn if you are not careful you could end up paying out a large chunk of cash for something you don’t need and won’t be able to get rid of when you grow tired of it. Show some restraint.

Buying Love:


I am well rested today, that is a good thing considering what I might have to do over the weekend.  Janet told me she does not want me to buy her anything and what I could possibly buy her that she has not have already.  I gave her something very personal a couple a of weeks ago around Valentine Day, it was something not even her parents could reject for having good taste, one day it will be worth its weight in gold to the world, but to me and her it is priceless.  It is something that has something of me in it, I plan to issue about 10 more someday, but that is the first.


What I try to do for Janet is write songs and make beats, some are better than others, in my station of life it would be impossible for me to buy her love and if I could I would not attempt that, but I will labor for her and that is something that will never change no matter how much money I have I will always have time for Janet.  So the bottom line is what I offer to her is me and not so much my possessions that will be astronomical but it is only things.


Paying down on debt:


I am trying to pay down on the debt, the good thing is I have the Vista Operating System and what programs I have works for her, but a lot of stuff out there does not and for that reason I am hesitant to purchase things like before, now I investigate a product before I purchase and by doing so I realize I do not need it in the process of the investigation.  My studio is complete with all the trimmings expected in a small home studio.


Now as far as writing is concerned I just got Movie Magic Screenwriter 6 to work on my current screenplay and realize there are other writing tools out there, but when it comes to a screen I think I can see it from the beginning to the end and do not need software to keep my characters inline with their objective in the screen, but that might be a future investment, once I get some type of return on my current investments, because I think I could use a couple more writing programs, but I do not need it.  I am currently in the payers market and not the buyers market.  What I am paying for I own already and it is in good use or serve a purpose in the past.  I wear several hats!


Screenplay Progress note:


Oh by the way I read the screenplay the Apostle which I own the copyrights to already.  I plan to add about 20 pages or 20 minutes of drama, like the meeting with my father Don Carlo, the meeting with the priest as a child, the reason why I did certain things in a little more depth, a parable or two delivered by my character and so on to let people meet me as a thinking individual.  This things will explain to people things that I understand as I read the screen but there is no way for others to understand the screen as I do because I know why thing connect that is not in the screenplay.  I did some minor editing removals, that make a major difference.


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  1. I just stopped by your blog and thought I would say hello. I like your site design. Looking forward to reading more down the road.

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