Janet and James De Barge

janet-james-reneJanet and James De Barge

I have to add this scene to the screen to explain Renee


Janet was going to get married to this dude James De Barge.  They took me to the where they were going to have sex I guess.  Instead of him having sex with her I did.  Joe Jackson and Russell told me to have sex with her, but I wanted make love, but I rough sex her instead, then they told me to beat her up for being unfaithful and I beat her. I did not know my strength.  She thought it was James who beat her and had sex with her.  She yelled for help and Joe came in and ran James off, like if he abused Janet.  This is how we broke up that relationship.  James was so afraid he did not know what to do.  James did not consummate Janet it was me.  Janet did not learn about the truth until 1989 during the Integration.  This happened right after I returned from Germany.  I do not know where they took me I think it was Encino, California at the Jackson’s Residence.  They made them wait until I returned, which was about a week or two after the marriage was put on paper.  But like I said, she was married already.


This is the secret behind this mess.  James De Barge was going to consummate Janet by having sodomy with her and that infuriated Joe Jackson.  Joe and Russell my Key made do me to James what he had planned to do to Janet, they made me punk him.  Perhaps that is why he had a drug problem if that was the real reason for the annulment.  He must have been traumatized and I am not proud of what they had me do, but let the truth be told.


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  5. will renee ever show her damn face?!!

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  9. Yeah I made a confession before they even got married but it made no difference. Yeah when John was not at home Candace use to give me head when I wanted it. They got married anyhow lol.Anyhow John Copeland and Candace Wardle got married in New Jersey fyi.

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  11. Oh wait Its Candace Copeland now lol.Really?Haul ass out of Gainesville Florida and go to Camden New Jersey to hide out from all the people who are gonna jump you in Gainesville lol.All this because John couldnt handle the fact she was giving me head while he went to work lol.Dude that shouldnt matter its not like he was married at the time.Its all fair game that way.

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