Janet? I think I heard about it all

82360ffa1Janet? I think I heard about it all


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 7 March 2009


It may seem as if you are no more than a leaf blown this way and that by life’s inconstant breeze but that is not strictly true. Unlike a leaf you possess a mind and a will, and if you use them wisely this year it is you who will be doing the blowing.

If you jump to conclusions this weekend you are likely to get it completely and utterly wrong. If, on the other hand, you take your time and weigh each bit of information you receive in the balance you will quite easily see the true picture. It’s your choice.

On the contrary I do not feel like a leaf being blown in every so what direction, I feel like a rocket ship fighting the forces of earth in process of leaving behind it the influence the earth has on it to a place free of earthly influence.  To become like a rocket in outer space free of gravity.  I feel like the government is like a leaf blowing this way and that way and like a leaf they will eventually fall and they may not have anyone left behind to pick them up, but falling on their faces is their destiny, because they want to make a leaf out of me and I just assume leave it be.


What can I possibly hear that I have not heard already?  Wikipedia is a trip, they pass themselves off as an encyclopedia but they are made up of unsubstantiated information.  I always thought an encyclopedia was a history book, but it is just an information book with a bunch of false data and they based their information of tabloid reports and gossip of their choice.  They are pretty good but very inaccurate; it is like a celebrity news brief that gets its information from entertainment tonight.  I read Janet’s bio on Wikipedia and it is full of what would be considered very uncontroversial celebrity friendly old gossip, I heard it all in gossip news and they consider that a source to base history on.  The only thing Wikipedia has going for them is a wide audience because the information is not reliable, the real stuff they block from the Wikipedia page.  So what is there to hear that has not already been written and posted as factual?  Here is an example of Wikipedia at it worst.


Rene Elizondo never provided to the public a marriage certificate and therefore it is a possibility it is a fact. The marriage was never documented by any source to Wikipedia and James De Barge was annulled meaning null and void by law it never happened.

Neither Elizondo nor Jackson were ever required to provide anything to the public or Wikipedia since we are not a news or law organization. They both openly discussed their marriage after the divorce as reported by third party reliable sources. While an annulment removes a marriage from the law books, it is still well known and confirmed by Jackson and DeBarge that they did in fact marry and then decided to split. The Bookkeeper (of the Occult))

04:09, 7 March 2009 (UTC) this is clear cut gossip!


They basically admitted to making false claims to create a good article.



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