Pretty Boy Rene Elizondo

rene-e-2Pretty Boy Rene Elizondo

I have to mention some of this in the screen


As I said, Janet Jackson was married already before she unlawfully married Rene Elizondo in what was claimed to be a secret marriage.  The truth of the matter is that the marriage was illegal for more than one reason.  Not only was it illegal because she was already married, but Rene Elizondo is a eunuch, meaning he was like a house pet that got neutered. 


He was a homosexual who was willing to do anything to live the high life and he agreed to give up his testicles to live in the same home as Janet.  His motive was blackmail, after he realized he fucked himself up he was going to tell the world that Janet was a lesbian and married a man who had no testicles.  This would have destroyed Janet’s image and she could not mention me, so she agreed to this alleged secret marriage and gave him the Malibu Home out of sympathy.  But did his welcome terminate? 


Furthermore, Rene Elizondo is not really Rene, he took on the identity of dead man   and that is why when I went to court for threatening to harm him he told the FBI that he was her live –in-boyfriend, because he could not prove that was his true identity.  Janet  got in a relationship with a total stranger and felt because it was not sexual she was being faithful, but if a woman marries another man as long as her husband is alive she commits adultery.  Rene is less than a homosexual and I challenge him to produce sperm that has his DNA!


Why did Janet have Rene neutered is another story; she was scorned…but did they marry or was it an excuse for a court settlement in a successful blackmail attempt?  He never produced a marriage certificate!  Why?  But Pretty boy Rene is not so pretty these days!

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  1. Rene Elizondo Jr. is a douchebag loser! He has no talent and just lived off beautiful Janet for years! Like I said before, if Rene was really a song writer and artist, wouldn’t he still be working with somebody 10 years later? Rene has done nothing, so he was just a leech to Janet and now he an old looking ugly woman!

    • Rene Elizondo Jr.?? what the hellhappened to you? Gary Busey looks better than you after wiping out on his motorcycle plus he’s 20 years older. I wonder if you speak geberish now also?

      I guess he made a deal with the devil and the devil won! any fame, looks and career are down the tube.

  2. Rene Elizondo Jr. is one ugly dude! Janet had it right to divorce the loser, at least Jermaine Dupri has talent and can make the green backs. Rene Elizondo Jr. has no talent, it would have been proven by now and I bet he just hangs with the Shannon Elizabeth crowd and gamblers. He is the Real “K-Fed” I wonder what skank he’s dating?

  3. According to this week’s National Enquirer , Jon Gosselin and 22 year-old Hailey Glassman and a young 18 year old friend are staying with Rene Elizondo Jr. in Malibu.
    The word is that Hailey Glassman’s and her “friend” are Bi-Sexual and put on shows for Jon Gosselin and Rene Elizondo Jr. It is said that Rene Elizondo Jr. is trying to get with Jon Gosselin and Michael Lohan for the divorced ‘Stars’ Club. It seems more like a bunch of losers to me, but it would work for reals, especially with the Bi-Sexual girls putting on shows for the old men on camera!

  4. Who lives in Malibu, Janet of Rene? Word is she just did an interview there for ABC Television. Regardless it is obvious Rene is a sissy. They JD likes to watch it live also. The looks do not touch crap I do not know about that.

  5. Rene has become an ugly troll. Keep up the good work Paul!

  6. Paul, Rene is less than a Sissy, he went from pretty to pretty damn ugly! no talent at all.

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  8. wow…I know the Elizondo family. I used to live next door to them in the Valley! sorry, but I think this is all a bunch of ish…everyone wants Janet to be the victim. Rene’ is Rene’. Rene’ Elizondo Jr. he was named after his father. People tend to believe everything they read! I am glad he got some of her money, house etc. why not? cause she is Janet? so, big damned deal!

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  10. Frank you are a liar. Rene did not take a dead man’s identity. Rene’s father or uncle is a famous actor. There are pictures of them together. But I do believe he is a homo like you.

  11. Wow, jealousy and hate is rampant in some of these posts. I know Rene Jr and his family, including his father Rene Elizondo Sr! They wonderful people. You should not speak and spread rumors of what you know not! Mr. Gambino has a rabid imagination.

    • Who cares anymore, this is an old post and my focus is on new more important things.

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