There will be no more death (Rev: 21:4)


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 9 March 2009


Your active – some would say overactive – imagination will give you all sorts of wild, wonderful and even downright weird ideas over the coming 12 months. If you can harness your inventive powers to a far-sighted plan it could be the making of you.

This may be your time of year but there are people out there who don’t want to see you do well and they will be out in force this week. Promise yourself now that you won’t allow them to irritate you. Ignore them – their hostility is based on jealousy.


President Obama opened the gates to Federal funded Embryonic Stem cell Research reversing the foolish policy by the Bush Administration.  President Bush committed us in response to 9/11 attacks to a war we probably cannot win and win or not win what is to gain in the long term but long term police actions?


However President Obama opened the gates to a winnable war, which the bible describes as the last enemy death.  I say I plan to live at least 150 years as I bet on stem cell research and I truly think this is a realistic goal that is only short term, because we a talking about the evolutionary development of mankind to Godlike characters. So if we can make it to 150 years old with the body of 50 year old or even better the body of a 33 year old, can you imagine the new state of mankind to have such a youthful body with the many years of wisdom, it would end the bickering wars of children control freaks.


Stem cells are no longer science fiction as I explained to my niece, but are the fountain of youth, the answer to the operating system of human kind.  So I say again to President Obama be courageous and give these kids a dream to fulfill.  People thought Kennedy was extreme  when he said we would land a man on the moon, it was a dream that brought America together for a common cause, now we have satellite technology and perhaps a nuclear umbrella in Star Wars.  In the nuclear arms race we attempted to prevent an all out nuclear war through strength.


I think the war against death is in fact winnable and will bring the world together and as mankind grows and matures we will learn to get along without so many foolish wars, find new horizons to occupy in the Universe and we can win the war against death if we put our minds to it.  Hell is we can make it to 150 years old why not got after 300 years and continue down the road to the road of everlasting life?


Finally my promise to Janet Jackson and the world is life, but I like certain programs due to the fact I gave myself up as a ransom as explained in the screenplay, to open up to this higher level of enlightenment, I need a Key this will not be the fact forever but it is now.  If it was up to me alone I would do what has to be done immediately, but since I was a child my life has been preordained and my day is on God’s time and not mine’s alone.  As I stayed up very late last night as I was half sleep I heard a preacher out of patience calling on the Lord to take over and end this mess.  He was talking about a letter and demands, what he fails to realize is what is to come to being will be God’s life works, not a demand but actions.   “The meek will inherit the earth.”



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