Janet will she comeback to Mainstream

janet-jackson-61Janet will she comeback to Mainstream


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 9 March 2009


The more vocal your critics are this year – and they will have plenty to say for themselves – the more you should ignore them and carry on doing what you were going to do anyway. Not only will it enrage them but your success will prove them utterly wrong.

A battle of wills is likely this week as the approaching full moon in your opposite sign of Virgo pits you against someone who delights in taking a conflicting point of view. The facts, however, are all on your side, so stay calm and use them to your advantage.

I do not know what to tell you man, the more I get serious the further away I send those who need to hear it away. The trivia stuff captures their attention, though they do not believe the stuff it is usually factual, but it is fun to read.  To my surprise Janet Jackson has an intelligent fan base, which makes me wonder about their ulterior motives to their attraction to Janet.  It is my opinion that Janet degraded herself the past few years, in her personal and professional life and her fan base ran with it as she alienated herself from the main audience that makes the difference between being platinum several times or just being a conversation piece.  It is my opinion that Janet became a conversation piece to an intelligent group that does not want to take her serious.  They think Janet is someone to take as a joke and that is my report and observation.


Janet’s fan base is huge, but her name is much bigger than her fan base, yet she continues to play the tunes to this occult instead of being inclusive to the world, who all are waiting for her to let go of the degradation and come back to the mainstream and do what she set out to do which is to sing songs to change the world and not simply pacify a bunch of intelligent homosexuals, who think God is their lover.  The Mark of Janet was Rhythm Nation 1814, it even showed to be factual in her most recent tour, whereby there where more sets with songs from that album than any other album.  But somehow she strayed away from social issues and got carried away with songs based on sexual content, she became the Lustful Nun and stopped being real, simply because she was blessed with beauty, she cashed in on her beauty, in a somewhat immoral fashion.  As she rocked her heavily homosexual fan base who thinks they own her and simply use her as a conversation piece, because their conversations do not transcend to record sales but to insults on the web and other media and from the mainstream audience she fell from grace.  The Jackson member who was supposed to be down to earth became a mere lustful nun and of sexual exploitations.


So now with the world coming to an end does she sing about the solutions to the best of her ability and make the problems known to the world or does she send us all to hell, to pacify the Disloyal Gay Mob Occult.  I think her success does not depend on the Gay Mob she pacifies whom are disloyal and two faced, but sending out the real messages to the mainstream world giving hope to those in hard times, by not being about the money but the message the money will find its way to her.  I hope Janet is not blind to the fact that what glitters is not always gold.

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