Janet is Number one in my book

janet_tour_091008_11Janet is Number one in my book

Why are you so suspicious of people who praise you? Why are you so convinced that those who say nice things about you have ulterior motives? Maybe they are being nice because they think you deserve it. Maybe they like you. Is that really so hard to believe?

You are correct if I came off suspiciously I apologize and as for concealed intentions everything I have to give I give freely.  That said not to make it seem not very important because it is, but we have a bigger fish to fry now.  Like I said I will always make time for Janet but we also have important business at hand.  That done!  The subject was stem cells!

My problem is I cannot understand why her situation has not been resolved.  I admit I said something I should not have, I am not talking about those articles, I am admittedly against the Gay Mob who are those running Hollywood media, who set these biased standards that sexually exploit women and have men systematically disrespect women.  We are force feeding the public with brainwashing images to the point that people think it is supposed to be this way.

With our inertest where they are and my settlement unsettled, I cannot understand why I have not heard that Janet’s contract woes are not settled.  If I sound suspicious I am sorry, but something is obviously wrong.  By the way my screenplay the Apostle is ready.  Any further changes will have to be discussed.  I trust Janet even when I hear negative stuff so I am that much more trust worthy now.  But I want her to get a lucrative contract and when Live Nation hesitates I have to wonder whose money is being invested here.  We have a problem that needs to be resolves immediately.  But I know there is a reason for this and if that is being suspicious so be it.  But someone is at fault here; I know we are Live Nation so how can Janet not get a contract?  And that is the question!


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