Organizing the Team (Getting into the Game)

imag01952Organizing the Team

(Getting into the Game)


I had an enlightening conversation with my nephew Raymond last night. He has his production company and he has an approach totally different from mine’s and it is cool to agree to disagree.  But he have total different histories, aside from Paul Castellano and my other life I still have always been into entertainment one way or another, if I made it to day it would be far from an overnight success.  Him on the other hand got into music because I pushed him after he settle down as an hobby that he has taken to another level, so his goal is to be big in his community and then hopefully be heard by someone who will pick him up.  Mine’s is to network with old friends and other connections and go for the gusto.  What he is doing I have been there and done that.


To do what I need to do I need the support of partners, friends and colleges, I do not need to anger them unless spreading my own wings they have a problem with.  I want the Trademark to the Family name and I have that birthright to Gambino Productions ™ and plus I need to join ASCAP.  I have all this equipment and cannot go it alone in a timely fashion; I need to choose people to help me in different areas and levels of the game.  Not to suddenly ignore Janet (Jackson) and Black Doll, but by doing what has to be done I will be able to be even more helpful to Janet.


I am talking about rounding up my friends in New York and family members around the country to include my nephew and using my knowledge and talents to its full advantage.  I feel like the time is now.  Most of my friends are old musicians, artists or old school gangsters and they all know people who know people or they know people and I know people, I just failed to network with the people I am acquainted with.   I cannot give away my plan in this blog, I will keep Janet informed as I will need her direct assistance in the process, I will let her know as we go along.  However what I am about to do is good for her, it will require me to upgrade my dress code at times I have the wardrobe and to actually meet with people to conduct business, I have to get out there to get this thing on its feet.  I know what I am about to do and can see ahead of the plan, I just have to go through the process.


I will lose this weekend as I will be setting up another studio and will need to meet with a nephew who is incarcerated on charges that do not exist; we have to get him out with back compensation for the state.  He needs a lawyer bad at 1/3 which will be a good piece of cash for a case is cut and dry, he just needs legal representation.  I will send the details to the appropriate people.  Plus we have to make arrangements because I plan to start working with his crew.  I need help and I know I have to give up a piece of the action, but a nice percentage of something is much better than 100% of non active ideas.


A full moon on your birthday will bring challenges of a partnership nature over the coming 12 months, but they are challenges you are well equipped to deal with, so there is no need to panic. Either you come to a new arrangement or you go it alone.

You will be required to do something today that most other people do not approve of. You know why it is necessary but explaining it to partners and colleagues won’t be easy, so be ready for some negative, and quite emotional, feedback. But do it anyway.


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