Janet in the Movies @ Tyler

whydid-i-get-marriedJanet in the Movies @ Tyler


Lionsgate picked up Tyler Perry’s sequel to “Why did I get married” to be released in April 2010 they plan to film it later this year.  Janet has not announced if she will play Patricia a romance psychologist again, but Tyler commitment was to use all of the same stars in the sequel.  The problem is it is not written yet.  If Tyler guarantees no nude scenes like before and a far wage for Janet and if Janet can fit it in her schedule I am all for it, we want to erase the nasty girl image; the era of Rene Elizondo is dead.


I mean there are a lot of things he can write into the screenplay, for example this time they can focus on the family life that was not mentioned in the first one and the struggle of raising children in bad economic times and at the end have some type of reunion among the families.  The struggle of not being able to bear a child can be examined, there are a lot of things he can do with that and Bill Cosby set the standards of what a black family can be and that should be the family of envy by the one who is dysfunctional.  I am just brainstorming, but a lot can be done with the script.


I contacted my old lead singer and will write a few songs with him and I contacted a friend who I will co-write a screenplay with Janet in mind.  In the Apostle Blond Eva is a cameo but Janet gets to show emotions when she sets to leave her son being me.  The main roles are me, my step father, John Gotti and Russell Lewis.  John is famous and people will want his part, but Frank Clark Jones who I never mention is the other leading role and my main ally.   My sister Egeria is set out to be the villain in the family even as today we get along fine but not then.  I said enough?


I hope Tyler writes a script conducive to Janet new image and setup the filming in a timely basis so Janet can do her shows during the summer, I am sure she can swing both.  I just do not want her acting like a tramp on screen, I mean she is a married women and on the old film they went away and vented now they need to tend to there families with due diligence.  They can always back flash to the old scenes to show the hypocritical sides of the characters, but they should show that black people but children first or something.  Again I am just brainstorming.  Why did I get married and have all these bad ass children?  That can be the thesis!


That nagging feeling of self-doubt which never seems to go away may be annoying but it’s not the end of the world. Your task over the next 12 months is to act as if you are totally confident. It may not always be true but you will thrive nonetheless.

The Sun remains in your sign just one more week and before it moves on you must aim to change as many things in your life as you possibly can. In all areas – personal, professional, intellectual and professional – you have what it takes to be even better.



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