Music Industry & MP-3 complexities we must address

mp-3-player-1Music Industry & MP-3 complexities we must address


I think there is going to be a shake up in the music industry, which will be a good thing for a few but not for all.  I mean before the all out economic crisis, the music industry has been under change ever since the inception of digital media.  Even if a new tax is introduced it will not be a cure all, because even it would have to be implemented fairly.  You cannot just tax for example blank CD’s without exceptions, for example I buy a lot of blanks but use them to record my own music and the same applies to MP-3 players, but that is not the case for most people, so do you tax a music creation enthusiast?  Maybe it will be necessary and if I want to continue to do what I do I might have to apply for a license which is still a form of taxes, but would be an identifying code to continue my practices.


But even I am not perfect, I have artist in my MP-3 Player that I did not pay for a second license and for that there should be a tax.  So even a person who mostly listens to himself I do listen to other artist, like the Gap Band, Ohio Players, Earth, Wind and Fire, Michael and Janet Jackson, Prince, Rick James, the Time Band and the list goes on without paying them royalties of any nature other than the fact I own the CD, which I convert to a MP-3 format from Wave Format to hear on my MP-3 Player which is an example of an illegal download.  These software applications are easily assessable and available to the novice computer user for as little as $9.99.  I admit I bought the CD’s legally but am my use of them legal, which is question of law.  I mean for as little as $200 you can get 80 GB of storage on an MP-3 player and playback 200 songs per GB and if my math is correct that is 16,000 songs which is unrestricting and unrealistic ethical expectation.  That is like 1,000 complete CD’s.


This is the hold up of SACD distribution, should the consumer be charged for 3 copyrights or just one.  The SACD format which originally could not be burned, but now I hear they are developing SACD burning devices for consumers, which is bad for the music industry.  It is a complex situation, but a situation that has to be addressed.  Believe it or not but MP-3’s are not enormously cheap to buy, that the average person owns more that one of them and it is single handedly destroying the music industry.  Perhaps the cheap MP-3 player should be marketed like tobacco whereby you pay more on taxes than on the product itself, because it’s use is almost always illegal  as copyright infringement device costing the industry billions a year, 10’s of billions and perhaps 100’s of billions, the losses are astronomical. 


Answer to message to the day:


They say change is the most consistent thing is life, however I try to be a man of routines and if I change all my routines I would no longer know myself and that would not be too good.  However I am making adjustments and is springing out there by putting friends to work on a project that has several parts that are orchestrated by me and I think what I am doing will be good for everyone once the different units are brought together 


Make it a point of principle to change three small things on your birthday – and watch how those small things grow into big things over the coming 12 months. Change is good. Change is necessary. If you can, change something each and every day of your life.

The conjunction of the Sun and Uranus in your sign today is sure to be disruptive in some way, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Something in your life needs shaking up a bit and, in the long-term, you’ll feel better for it. In the short-term, hold tight!


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